A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 134

he made
man, who would be saved and who would be lost,” and, if he did, “why he
created those he knew would be lost,” “whether angels are a distinct
order of beings from men,” “whether we shall know each other in the
eternal state,” “with what body the dead will be raised,” “whether the
righteous and wicked will rise at the same time,” “where the spirit is
between death and the resurrection,” “whether it is conscious, or can
exist separate from the body,” “when the end of the world will be,”
etc., etc.

We have now an immense swarm of these idle dreamers; some of these
have already reasoned themselves into the hallucination that they are
in the New Jerusalem state, and that the christian dispensation, or
the mediatorial reign of our Lord Jesus Christ has passed away! These
idle away their time in discussing the ascension, through the different
grades of spheres, which they imagine they shall eternally be attaining
and passing through, with other kindred topics. Another class reason
themselves into absolute fatalism. With them, all the actions of men,
and the very thoughts that lead to them, are of _necessity_, and cannot
be anything else! There is no praise of one class, or condemnation of
another, for all do just what they do from an eternal necessity! Off,
at another angle, another party is found, theorizing upon the whimsical
notion of human pre-existence, in which state, they think a consistent
origin for sin may be found! Yet another class perceive, that deep
down in the Bible, where, till recently, none had ever penetrated, the
doctrine is found, that, at judgment, the wicked will be stricken out
of existence, thus ridding them of the idea of endless punishment,
which had previously given them much distress! Still another class
of these, have rid themselves of the same distressing and annoying
doctrine, by making the astonishing discovery, that there is no devil,
no hell, nor punishment of any kind, beyond the present state, and,
therefore, no danger of any endless punishment! Still another class
became perplexed with these metaphysical reasonings, subtleties and
theorizings, in things that they cannot help feeling conscious can have
no possible beneficial effects upon mankind, and rid themselves of the
entire concern, by making the discovery that all things come by chance,
that there is no God, Savior, angel or spirit, and death is an eternal
sleep! But we sicken at the effort of trying to describe the vain and
idle speculations of all these “wandering stars,” and shall proceed to
something more tangible.

Scepticism has no foundation, no basis, no reality upon which

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