A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 141

well as the Methodist. It
does not make him a Methodist. It is not the Lord, for the Presbyterian
receives the Lord as fully as the Methodist, and the Lord does not
make him a Methodist. It is not the Holy Spirit, for all the first
Christians received the Holy Spirit, and they were not Methodists;
there never was a Methodist before John Wesley.

What, then, is it that makes the Methodist? It is simply that which
is peculiar to Methodists, and that which is not received by a
Presbyterian. What is it that makes a Presbyterian? That which is
peculiar to Presbyterians, and not received by Methodists. Why, then,
can not Methodists and Presbyterians fuse into one mass, or unite?
Because the Methodists will not give up Methodism, that which is
peculiar to Methodists; and the Presbyterian will not give up the
Presbyterianism, or that which is peculiar to Presbyterians. That which
is peculiar, makes the denomination; it is the disturbing element in
the way of fusion, or union, and that must be given up, or union can
never take place.

The Lord prayed that those who believe may be one, that the _world
may believe_. This denominationalism is the very element in the way
of union, or the cause of division, and division is in the way of the
world believing, or a main cause of the world not being converted. The
way is now opened for carrying the Bible into all the world and turning
the world to God. Shall that ever be done, or shall our power be
expended in sending denominations into the countries now open for the
one pure and holy religion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Or, can
we not now, under the influence of the love of Christ, receive the
one religion of the New Testament and nothing else; unite on it, and
carry it to Italy, and every other country now in Divine Providence,
opened up for the reception of King Jesus? What need we care for
denominations? The body of Christ, the church of the Living God, the
kingdom of God, is denomination enough for a man who loves the Savior;
and the Book of God, containing the law of God and the gospel too, is
creed enough for all who sincerely love our Lord Jesus, the Christ.
What a grand and glorious work could be performed, if, all in good
earnest in the work would unite under God, put their hearts into the
work and determine to push the cause of Christ, the gospel of the grace
of God, the kingdom of God,

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