A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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through the world. We have one book, a book
no where in doubt—the volume of God, the Bible, and, can all with one
heart, and one soul, push it through the world, enforce it on men to
read it, teach it to others, and make it the great power in the earth,
to break down and wipe out Romanism; to sweep away all pagan gods,
temples, and altars, and all sectarian denominations, and unite all
the friends of the Lord under Prince Messiah; let him go before them,
lead and guide them forever and ever. What is a mere denomination,
separated from others by some peculiarities not mentioned in the Bible,
nor received by any other party on earth, compared with what the Lord
styles, “my church,” Matt. xvi. 18; the body of Christ; the kingdom
of God, containing all the people of God? This is what we have in our
view; we will go for nothing less than the body of Christ, the kingdom
of God. It is of God, the denomination is of man.


Read the Bible carefully, and note the part the women took, the
greatest and best of them, as well as all classes, in the Patriarchal,
Jewish and Christian institutions, and follow what you find there. It
is safe to follow that, and for the good of all, both men and women.
No improvement can be made upon that. As we depart from that we injure
all. We desire to see women curtailed in no privilege or blessing;
nothing that can make them happy, useful, wise or good. But the less
they have to do in the business meetings, the ruling or discipline
of the church, the better for them and all concerned. They have a
natural and scriptural work to do, and men cannot do that work for
them, and men do not lose any of their rights, when not appointed to
do the natural and scriptural work of women. In the same way women
lose no rights, are excluded from no privilege, nor are they in any
way degraded in being limited to their legitimate sphere of operation.
The Bible gives women the highest honor they can have, and lays down
the road to the highest happiness. It has elevated women from the
abject slavery in which Paganism had bound them down, and given them
the strong arm of the man to protect and support them. The nearer they
follow the Bible, the Lord, and the apostolic teaching the better. This
is the road to greatness, happiness and goodness.


Peter charges

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