A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 152

feel kindly toward him as a fellow-creature, as a
citizen, neighbor or gentleman, if he is one, but we do not know him as
a preacher of Jesus, nor a teacher in the kingdom at all. We can extend
to him all the amenities and courtesies of life as a fellow-creature,
citizen, neighbor, gentleman, etc., but we simply know him, not as a
preacher of Jesus, or a teacher of the children of the kingdom. He is
not in the kingdom, and is not the man to perform any service there.

The first thing for him to do, is to submit to the divinely ordained
process by which to enter the kingdom and become a citizen, according
to the law of the Great King, and then he is ready to do any service
for which he is qualified in the kingdom. But he can not work in the
kingdom till he is in it, and it is a sham, a pretense and hypocrisy
to act toward him as if he were in the kingdom, an insincerity before
the people that leads to a false impression with some, and destroys the
confidence with others.

Such procedure is intended as a show of liberality, broad and liberal
views. But is it sincere? Is it candid? Is it honest? What is meant by
it? If these men with whom you exchange pulpits are not in Christ, what
do you mean when you place them before the people as preachers of the
gospel and teachers of the saints? Do you mean that in your expanded
liberality you would act toward a man as if he were a brother and a
preacher, when you know he is not in the kingdom at all, but if he
wanted to become a member of the church, you would not receive him, or
give the right hand of fellowship till he was immersed? This will do
for people with no religious convictions, no settled principles and no
law of God on which to act. They can act in this way or that as they
think will be popular, or suit the caprice of the people. But among
men with religious convictions, settled principles, and the law of God
before them, it is only a want of principle, consistency, and regard
for the law of God. It is simply a manifest disrespect to the Majesty
of heaven and earth, a bold, open showing that the law of God is
ignored, overlooked and disregarded, in courtesy to a man not in the
kingdom at all, in deference to a man that was

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