A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 16


Saved without Baptism 299
Scene in a Hotel 314
Sectarianism 357
Self-laudation 328
Shorter Catechism of Universalians 446
Small Improprieties and Annoyances 409
Speak Pleasantly 179
Spirit of Indifference 118
Some Things can not be Settled 50
Sound Men 225
Subtleties about Immersion 92
Suggestions to a Young Sceptic

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Page 9
Giving up Principles 397 Glorying in the Cross of Christ 439 Hardening Pharaoh’s Heart 15 Hear ye Him 123 How a Preacher may Stand Fair 281 How the Cause of Reformation was Advanced 391 How the World Regards Dancers 297 Household Baptisms 433 Imperfect Medium for a Perfect Revelation 482 Individuality after Death 369 Infant Sin—Infant Salvation 108 Influence of the Dance 245 Innovations in the Church of Christ 413 In Season and out of Season 38 Is.
Page 17
Human Creeds 438 The Cause of Christ is Above Partisan Politics 469 The Christian Ministry 44 The Church in the Wilderness .
Page 18
223 The Church of Christ a Proselyting Institution 331 The Converting Power 480 The Fall of Beecher 176 The Genealogy of Christ 206 The Grand Work Before Us 3 The Ground of Union 36 The Kind of Preaching Required 82 The Knowledge Necessary Before Baptism 351 The Love of Christ Constrains 496 The Mission of Infidels 134 The Old and New Testaments 31 The Pardoning Power is Only in God 440 The Secret of Success in Preaching 322 The Shortness of Human Life .
Page 19
1 The Warning 390 The Work of Creation 8 The Work of the Disciples 417 Theory and Practice 479 Things Not Forbidden 290 Thirty Years Ago 376 Too Late for the Cars 269 True Missionaries 18 The New and the Old 464 Universalism 75 Universalism Unbelief .
Page 30
Men may turn away from him, and some will, as some did.
Page 52
Church members become like the man’s rails that had been in a _crooked fence_ so long that they would not make a _straight fence_.
Page 79
Page 102
Every man that can preach at all; every man that can turn a sinner to the Lord, should be engaged in the work, with all zeal and power.
Page 183
” We see no _thousand years_ between the resurrection of those that have done good and those that have done evil here.
Page 193
Outside of this we know nothing about it.
Page 205
We think he lived in the same house in which he was married, adding considerable, but plain buildings to it, affording accommodations for his numerous guests, but nothing costly or fine, in any part of it.
Page 213
He poured a common sized glass tumbler two-thirds full, swallowed it, smacked his lips and took his seat.
Page 228
They will never fail; their lives, in this mortal state, will fail; but they, at the same moment, will triumph.
Page 234
Let no man infer from this, however, that we favor, or in any way encourage, a _love for controversy_.
Page 260
They should also be clearly defined, well understood, and constantly kept in view.
Page 270
But on the other hand we realized our vantage ground, answered all the cavils of creed-mongers, fought our way through, built up churches on Christ, set them in order under the law of God, and thus were happy in the Lord.
Page 275
If the house is crowded, persons can then be seated all round the speaker, leaving him simply room to stand.
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” I.
Page 312
Now, the idea of our fixing our eye upon a few talented men, paying them large salaries, and wholly neglecting these, is manifestly wrong.
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