A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 167

Author of it. He is the Alpha and the Omega—the Beginning and
the Ending. “All authority in heaven and on earth is given to him.”
His religion, and no other, has the divine, the supreme, and the
absolute authority in it. There is not one particle of divine authority
in any other. All others are usurpations, existing in antagonism and
rebellion, and will be overthrown.

The Papal religion is a compound, or an amalgamation of Judaism,
Christianity and Paganism, the latter, by far, preponderating. Its
great love for, and attachment to the Latin, is in deference to
Paganism. While it contains some truth, and some parts of the religion
of Christ, it can not be said, in truth, to be _that religion_.
It is another, a departure, an apostasy; beyond recovery, and the
divine command to the people of God involved in it, is to “Come out
of her, that you be not partaker of her sins, and that you receive
not of her plagues.” Rev. xviii. 4. God says, “Her sins” (the sins
of Mystery Babylon) “have reached to heaven, and God has remembered
her iniquities.” This iniquitous system, as a distinct religion, was
not in the world for ages after the true religion was established. We
need inform no one a little acquainted with the New Testament, that
no such being as the Pope was in the church, nor in the world, in the
time of the apostles; nor does he appear in the early history of the
church at all. We might as well look into the Bible or early history
for an account of Mohammed, or the Mormon prophet, as for the Pope.
Neither the Pope nor Mohammed appear at all in history, for hundreds
of years after the establishment of the only true religion. Nor was
there a Cardinal or an Archbishop, during the same period. These
dignitaries were not _developed_ till long after the founding of the
New Institution. The entire priesthood of the Papacy, as now found, as
also the Nuns and Sisters of Charity, are wanting in all the history,
and, we may safely say, in everything written in the early centuries.
There is not a trace of them in the Bible, except in prophecy, nor in
any writing, for hundreds of years after the apostles. This any man
knows who has read and reflected at all.

The idea of the Papacy existing, except in embryo, insidiously coming
up, without a Pope, a Cardinal, an Arch-bishop, a Bishop, a Priest, a
Nun, or Sister of Charity, for centuries after Christ, is one of the
most preposterous things ever

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