A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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closing words it forbids any addition.

There is not an item in any religion in the world that is right that
did not come from the Bible. All parties admit that all that comes
from the Bible is right, and all that does not come from the Bible is
without authority. Their differences are about what is not in the Bible
and not about what is in the Bible. They all believe the Bible, but
they do not believe what each other have in their other books that
is not in the Bible. It is not the Bible that makes the Baptists,
for there is nothing in the Bible about the Baptists, and then the
Episcopalians have the Bible and believe it as much as the Baptists
do, and it does not make them Baptists. It is not the Bible that makes
Episcopalians, for the Presbyterians have the Bible and believe it as
much as the Episcopalians do, and it does not make them Episcopalians.
It is not the Bible that makes Presbyterians, for there is nothing in
the Bible about Presbyterians, and then the Methodists have the Bible
and believe it as much as the Presbyterians do, and it does not make
them Presbyterians.

The movement about the beginning of this century was not to establish
a new church, or a new religion, but to return to the Lord, find the
old religion and the old church; receive, believe and practice what the
old religion, as set forth in Scripture, requires, and nothing else.
No movement can go back of this, nor rise above it, if it does what it
claims. What remains for us, is to stand to it, maintain it and carry
it out practically and faithfully.


Some fifteen years ago a few of our more advanced men gradually
commenced opening up to our benighted minds, the fact, that A. Campbell
was not the great man we had thought he was; that he was not the
scholar we had thought; that some of his chief ideas were erroneous,
and that we should have much trouble in _undoing_ what he had _done
wrong_. We were growing up many young men, and being illiterate and
unlearned, we knew not but we had over estimated A. Campbell, and
that some mighty men were rising among us, that would throw him in
the shade. But we had one comfort all the time, and that was that we
were not alone in the opinion that A. Campbell was a man of superior
learning and parts. We noticed that he attracted the fire

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