A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 174

Great King, are well pleased with him and
his law. They regard it as holy, just and good, and regard every man
who departs from it _untrue_. The _true_ stand by it, and the _untrue_
depart from it.

But, we have a few claims to put in for the law of King Jesus, and we
want the attention of our _liberal_ men to these claims:

We claim for the law of King Jesus that it is most magnanimous and
_liberal_. It excels in its _liberality_ all laws ever published. It
offers citizenship to all who will come and be naturalized, with full,
free and equal rights. It offers to all, the privilege of becoming
children in the heavenly family by _adoption_, and makes them all heirs
of God and joint heirs with Christ, on the _same terms_. It offers the
same pardon and on the same terms to all the world. It offers the same
divine designations to all, the same gospel, and the same spirit of
life; the same Bible, and the same law for all. The same grace of God
has appeared to all men. God is no respecter of persons, but he who
fears and works righteousness is accepted with him. It has the same
liberal terms of union and communion for all who come to God.


We will, for the sake of the inexperienced, state the argument. When
we set forth _the way_, as laid down in Scripture, we are in the
affirmative—must show it to be _the way_, maintain and defend it. When
_some other way_ is affirmed, we affirm nothing and have nothing to
prove, but simply deny. It is no part of our work to prove that there
is no other way. We simply have nothing to prove. Let him who affirms
that there is some other way prove it. Call on him for his proof, and
in default of any proof he loses the case. He trusts his soul, and
tries to induce others to trust their souls, on another way, for which
he can bring no proof. This is the “vantage ground.” _The way_ is in
the Bible, and can be easily pointed out. _Another way_ is not in it,
and can not be pointed out. Let him try it who pleases—it simply _can
not be done_. Charitable or uncharitable, narrow or broad, liberal or
illiberal, _another way_ can not be pointed out in the book of God.

Let there be no cavil. We are speaking of gospel subjects, and the way
set forth for them to come to God.


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