A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 18

The Church of Christ a Proselyting Institution 331
The Converting Power 480
The Fall of Beecher 176
The Genealogy of Christ 206
The Grand Work Before Us 3
The Ground of Union 36
The Kind of Preaching Required 82
The Knowledge Necessary Before Baptism 351
The Love of Christ Constrains 496
The Mission of Infidels 134
The Old and New Testaments 31
The Pardoning Power is Only in God 440
The Secret of Success in Preaching 322
The Shortness of Human Life

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Text Comparison with Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Page 23
A question was once, somehow or other, started between Collins and me, of the propriety of educating the female sex in learning, and their abilities for study.
Page 36
And now he had got another pair of cases,[28] and a pamphlet to reprint, on which he set me to work.
Page 45
" He likewise kept the Seventh day, Sabbath; and these two points were essentials with him.
Page 49
We had a sociable company in the cabin, and lived uncommonly well, having the addition of all Mr.
Page 50
" [Illustration: "So, putting the letter into my hand"] We both of us happen'd to know, as well as the stationer, that Riddlesden, the attorney, was a very knave.
Page 57
All these I took this occasion of exhibiting.
Page 58
He had formerly been in business at Bristol, but failed in debt to a number of people, compounded and went to America.
Page 70
He had printed an address of the House to the governor, in a coarse, blundering manner; we reprinted it elegantly and correctly, and sent one to every member.
Page 72
" I agreed to this proposal: it was drawn up in writing, sign'd, and seal'd immediately.
Page 76
Our mutual affection was revived, but there were now great objections to our union.
Page 84
Page 119
"_ [82] James Logan (1674-1751) came to America with William Penn in 1699, and was the business agent for the Penn family.
Page 125
The year following, a treaty being to be held with the Indians at Carlisle, the governor sent a message to the House, proposing that they should nominate some of their members, to be join'd with some members of council, as commissioners for that purpose.
Page 144
hardly detain me above three or four days; and then I see nothing that can obstruct my march to Niagara.
Page 150
The next morning our fort was plann'd and mark'd out, the circumference measuring four hundred and fifty-five feet, which would require as many palisades to be made of trees, one with another, of a foot diameter each.
Page 155
In 1746, being at Boston, I met there with a Dr.
Page 167
One man builds the hull, another rigs her, a third lades and sails her.
Page 168
This was a most pleasing spectacle to those who had been so long without any other prospects than the uniform view of a vacant ocean, and it gave us the more pleasure as we were now free from the anxieties which the state of war occasion'd.
Page 169
Accordingly Mr.
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