A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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generally sounder than their instructors in the gospel.

We regret to see anything like collision or rivalry between old and
young preachers. Young men get a little _fast_ sometimes, and old men
become a little _cross_; but these matters will all work their way out.
As a humorous writer said some years ago, after writing a long piece
about nothing, as a burlesque on certain persons, “We are all poor
_critters_.” We need a great deal of mercy and grace.

It is a little trying for old men, after toiling a lifetime in the
cause, and when they are struggling under the infirmities of age, to be
shoved aside, as we know some of them are, and treated with contempt by
the young men who ought to be a comfort and consolation to them. The
cause is the Lord’s, and we are his, and we shall all give account to
him. Let us keep pure ourselves, and keep the church pure; let us make
a record of which we shall not be ashamed when the Lord shall come. We
must study to bear our burdens, and to do so without murmuring. What we
can not cure, we must endure.


Everlasting and eternal are from the same in the original. “Everlasting
punishment,” and not everlasting annihilation, nor everlasting
extinction of being, nor everlasting non-existence, is what the Lord
threatens. Matt. xxv. 46. At the same time the righteous enter into
“life eternal,” the wicked “go away into everlasting punishment.” The
original word _aionion_ here is translated, in the common version,
“eternal” in one place, and “everlasting” in the other. There is no
reason for not translating this word the same way in both places. It
means precisely the same in both places. At the same time we repeat,
that the righteous enter into “life eternal,” the wicked “go away
into eternal punishment.” The same word used by the Lord, in the same
sentence to express the duration of the life of the saints, is used to
express the duration of the punishment of the wicked. It is as likely
that the life of the saints shall terminate, as that the punishment
of the wicked shall cease. There is no word in any language that more
certainly expresses unlimited duration than this word _aionion_. It is
used to express the duration of the life of the saints, the praises of
God, and even the existence of God. A word may be used with less than
its full import, but _never with more_.


It matters not from what cause we suffer, whether

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