A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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What We Know is Right 107
What is Campbellism? 156
What must I do to be Saved 317
Where is the Army of the Lord 251
Where is the Power 213
Who Crucified the Savior 195
Whom the Lord Receives 294
Why Infidels Oppose the Bible 423
Wielding the Sword of the Spirit 284
Will You also Go Away 35
Women in the Church 194

Young Preachers Must Be Practical

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

Page 73
And, though there is a general dread of giving too much power to our _governors_, I think we are more in danger from too little obedience in the _governed_.
Page 77
He confessed in 1784 that _Bonifacius_ "gave me such a turn of thinking, as to have an influence on my conduct through life; for I have always set a greater value on the character of a _doer of good_ than on any other kind of reputation.
Page 78
Vilifying the authority of the surplice, he apotheosizes the authority of reason.
Page 126
Page 191
Keimer and I liv'd on a pretty good familiar Footing and agreed tolerably well: for he suspected nothing of my Setting up.
Page 224
Page 384
| 12 | 5 | | 17 | 4 57 | 10 22 | 1 | 6 | | 18 | Moon | 11 21 | 2 | 7 | | 19 | rises | 12 25 | 3 | 8 | | 20 | A.
Page 385
As this may probably fall into the Hands of some, who have not Leisure or Opportunities of reading Books of Astronomy, the following brief View of our System, and of the Immensity of the Creation, according to the Theory of the Moderns, may not be unacceptable.
Page 410
[Venus] _not fed_ | | 8 | 20 | 7 *s sets 9 50 _by_ | | 9 |[Cancer] 4 | [Moon] with [Jupiter] _the_ | | 10 | .
Page 423
_ | | 26 | 22 | [Moon] with [Mars] .
Page 457
[Jupiter] | | 27 | 21 | [Saturn] sou.
Page 501
_ | | 31 | .
Page 556
Page 573
Some of them, I can assure you on the Faith of a Traveller, are serious Truths.
Page 633
and couldst not thou, who art thyself a sinner, bear with him one night? 12.
Page 640
He must care only for honour and reputation, but this reputation must be acquired in the midst of dangers.
Page 650
A virtuous and laborious people may be cheaply governed.
Page 668
For by the disposal of places, he attaches to himself all the placeholders, with their numerous connexions, and also all the expecters and hopers of places, which will form a strong party in promoting his views.
Page 732
This I shall submit to with less Regret, as, having seen during a long Life a good deal of this World, I feel a growing Curiosity to be acquainted with some other; and can chearfully, with filial Confidence, resign my Spirit to the conduct of that great and good Parent of Mankind, who created it, and who has so graciously protected and prospered me from my Birth to the present Hour.
Page 761
The Business of the Women is to take exact Notice of what passes, imprint it in their Memories (for they have no Writing), and communicate it to their Children.