A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 242

place? Are not christians required
to pray everywhere? Will not God hear a christian in his family? No
one doubts that it is as suitable and appropriate as any place on
earth. “Why then, is it not commanded?” Because there are thousands of
christians who have neither houses or families, and the Lord has left
the way open so that they can worship God just as acceptably in
whatever place they may be, as the man who has an orderly family and
home. The Lord has left the head of the family free to determine the
appropriate place to worship. But woe to that christian who objects
to the family circle, as a suitable place, and then does not worship
any place. But we never saw a good reason and do not believe there is
any, against the orderly custom of reading a portion of Scripture and
praying in the family, and we believe that those fathers and mothers
whose children never heard them pray, will most solemnly lament it when
they see the Lord Jesus at his coming. “Pray without ceasing, rejoice
evermore, and in everything give thanks.”


We claim that the religion of Jesus Christ is a complete, perfect and
divine system, in itself; distinct from, superior to, and as high above
every thing else as heaven is above this earth; and that all who desire
to do so, can determine what it is, practice it and be christians. We
claim that the gospel is complete, perfect and divine; distinct from,
and independent of, everything else, and that he who desires it, may
know precisely what it is, believe it with all the heart, obey it and
be saved by it; otherwise the Lord could not be just and good in
condemning the man who does not believe it, or does not obey it. The
matter, therefore, with us now is not to determine what the truth is,
or the gospel; this we have long since settled. We, as a people, know
the truth, the saving truth, the only saving truth, as a whole, or in
its embodiment, or concentrated form, though many may not understand
it in detail, and the great matter now is to practice it, enjoy it and
advocate it. God intends or purposes it for all mankind, as much as
he did for us. It is now our duty to make it known among all mankind;
or, as Paul expresses it, “to make all men see what is the fellowship
of the mystery, which, from the beginning of the world, hath

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Divine Plan 246 No Preachers on Dancing 12 No Side Structure 59 Not of One Class 295 Not Receiving the Reformation, but Christ 68 Not to Keep Company 419 Observing the Sabbath 333 One Baptism 190 One Idea Ism 56 One Immersion 410 One Religion 235 One Way to God .
Page 22
Taking off from this time, eighteen years for childhood, only leaves about fifteen years for the vast work of personal preparation, for a state of boundless duration in the pure and holy society of just men made perfect, the angels of God, Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant,.
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There is but _one birth_ mentioned or alluded to in the conversation with Nicodemus.
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Nicodemus was standing on his birth-right, “born in thy house,” as expressed Gen.
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When brethren become alienated they frequently do not want to settle their difficulties, but to get an advantage over an opposing party.
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In our generation, a vast amount of ink and breath is wasted in writing and preaching about infant sin, infant salvation, idiots, etc.
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Herod, and she sought and obtained revenge through her dancing daughter and a rash vow of the king.
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The creeds, then, are but little more than epitomes of men’s views of certain points of Christian doctrine, their abridged understanding of these points.
Page 108
of the blood of the everlasting covenant, by the glories of heaven, or the terrors of hell, to turn to the Lord and follow him who loved us and gave himself for us? Is the public mind so distracted, and are the people so confused and lost to all that God has said and done, that they can not be induced to love Christ better than all human theories, regard him and feel the force of all his love to our lost and ruined world? Are the people so set upon gnawing the bone of contention, keeping up sectarian feuds; disputing upon the lifeless, soulless and profitless controversies thrust upon them, that they will neither hear the Lord nor be interested in the word of his grace? Must the public mind be wholly occupied with the useless distinctions between the views of men, the useless comparisons of doctrines and commandments of men, the comparative merits of different human systems, and an eternal train of customs unknown to the primitive church, thus bewildering the people and blinding their minds that they may neither see the Lord nor regard his authority? Is it impossible to bring the authority of the Almighty again to bear upon the world, to lift up the Lord before the people, that he may draw all men unto him, convert them to the Lord and place them under him? Is it impossible to rescue the people from the blinding influences of these times—from being merely followers of men, and believing human theories, which have no power to save, in the place of believing the great truth, that Christ died for our sins, according to the Scriptures—that he was buried, and that he rose from the dead? Is it impossible to interest the public mind with the things of God—with the revelation from God to man, with the religion of Christ itself? Is the love of God gone from the world? Has the Holy Spirit of God abandoned the church? Is the human race mad, insane and ruined, so that all pleadings and entreaties to turn to God must fail? Must the holy religion of Christ be set aside for the silly disputes of these times? Shall that holy religion that saved such vast multitudes in the days of the apostles, fired the hearts of the missionaries of the cross and supported the holy martyrs in passing through all the cruel scourgings, tortures and privations for the name of the Lord, be contemned, despised and rejected by the people of our day? O, that God would enable us to _arouse_ the people of this.
Page 151
we have been wont to do, knowing, as we do, that we are supported by the whole canon of sound criticism, and we most solemnly admonish all who fear God, against the glosses of that sickening and supercilious affectation, that induces any man, for one moment, to hesitate to declare to his fellow man, in the most faithful manner, the terrible threatenings of the Almighty against the impenitent.
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The work of the preacher is to preach the gospel to all and exhort all to obey it, showing that “God commands _all men everywhere_ to repent,” and that this repentance is in view of the judgment.
Page 234
[A] Many brethren are inquiring of us about the Spirit, “correct views of the Spirit,” and of “the influence of the Spirit,” and insisting that we.
Page 235
should respond to some things that are published, etc.
Page 253
” What was it done for? “For the manifestation of his glory.
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Page 278
The second man, the Lord from heaven, was a miracle.
Page 289
” There was no doubt about what he calls “the laver of salvation,” but there was doubt about sprinkling.
Page 295
Is it more probable that they were sprinkled of John, in the river of Jordan, than that they were immersed in the river of Jordan? It is a fact that “John was baptizing in Enon, near Salim, because there was much water there.
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From the materials now accumulating, the historian of another generation will be able to do the chief actors of the last twenty-five years the justice of impartial judgment.