A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 268

it at the preacher, as he
shuts down the case, as much as to say, “I consider it is time you
would stop.”

To see a lady sit and play with her infant, in time of preaching, laugh
at its little pranks, and try to induce others around her also to laugh
at them.

To see a lady get into a quarrel with her babe, in time of preaching;
slap it, jerk it, hold it, and thus keep it squalling for about half an
hour. If the preacher can keep the thread of his discourse, in a case
of that kind, he is a pretty good preacher.

To have some man standing near the preacher, in time of prayer, chewing
an enormous quid of tobacco, and about once in half a minute, hear a
large spoonful of the filthy spittle splash upon the floor.


Certainly not, but one immersion “into the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” There is but one immersion commanded
in Scripture; that one is _in water_, and “into the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Peter said, “Can any man
forbid water that these should not be baptized, who have received
the Holy Spirit as well as we?” Here the _water_ is mentioned as the
element in which they were to be immersed, and they had already been
immersed in the Holy Spirit; and in the next verse we are informed
that “he _commanded them_ to be immersed in the name of the Lord.” The
immersion _in water_, then, is the one commanded, and the only one.

The immersion in Spirit is not commanded; and the command, if it
existed, to be immersed in Spirit could not _be obeyed_. Suppose the
Lord would command any one to be immersed in the Spirit, how would
he obey? No man ever was commanded to be immersed in the Spirit, nor
was any man ever commanded to immerse any one in the Spirit. Man can
not immerse in the Spirit. The immersion in water is commanded, and
is the immersion “into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of
the Holy Spirit,” “into Christ,” “into one body,” the initiatory rite
into the New Institution. Immersion in the Holy Spirit never initiated
any one into any institution or anything. It was never commanded.
No man ever administered it. The Lord was the only administrator of
the baptism of the Spirit. It was a _promise_. It was a miracle. It
imparted miraculous power. It never occurred except on

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I had shown an obliging disposition to render her some little services, which probably impressed her with sentiments of good-will towards me; for, when she witnessed the daily growing familiarity between the young women and myself, which they appeared to encourage, she took me aside and said, "Young man, I am concerned for thee, as thou hast no friend with thee, and seemest not to know much of the world, or of the snares youth is.
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I told him his wish was unnecessary, for I would leave him that instant; and so, taking my hat, walked out of doors, desiring Meredith, whom I saw below, to take care of some things I left and bring them to my lodgings.
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When we were about to sign the above-mentioned articles, which were to be binding on us, our heirs, &c.
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dancing; by preserving them from losses by imposition of crafty men, and enabling them to continue, perhaps, a profitable mercantile house, with established correspondence, till a son is grown up fit to undertake and go on with it, to the lasting advantage and enriching of the family.
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that the dust would fly into the windows of shops and houses.
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The armed brethren, too, kept watch, and relieved each other on guard as methodically as in any garrison town.
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But if, for example, it should happen that two or three young women were found to be equally proper for the young man, the lot was then recurred to.
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These experiments and observations opened a new field for investigation, upon which electricians entered with avidity, and their labours have added much to the stock of our knowledge.
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He was prevented, by an untimely end, from bringing his invention to any degree of perfection.
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"About sixteen days before his death, he was seized with a feverish indisposition, without any particular symptoms attending it, till the third or fourth day, when he complained of a pain in his left breast, which increased till it became extremely acute, attended with a cough and labourious breathing.
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The following inscription is engraven on the pedestal: THIS STATUE OF DR.
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" MM.
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I am sensible that much must inevitably be lost, but I hope something considerable may be received.
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"I was born in Boston, New-England, and owe my first instructions in literature to the free grammar-schools established there.
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Stuber was born in Philadelphia, of German parents.
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We have seen that they would have been safer among the ancient heathens, with whom the rites of hospitality were sacred.