A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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land from its
center to its circumference. We must go into the field and do the
work of the Lord, and the Lord will open the way and take care of us.
We are anxious to see an army of zealous, powerful and enterprising
young men, willing to go out into the world and convince the world of
their ability and usefulness, by saving men, building up churches and
extending the cause. In this way, they will soon make an opening for
themselves and secure a permanent field of operation. How much more
noble and manly this, than looking round for a rich church, raised up
to hand by the labors of other men, where a young man can sit down with
a fat salary and merely live upon the labors of those who have gone
before him.


It is a fact that our Lord was baptized of John _in_ Jordan. Is it then
more probable that he was sprinkled of John _in_ Jordan, than that he
was immersed of John _in_ Jordan?

It is a fact that after the Lord was baptized “he went up straightway
_out of the water_.” Is it more probable that “he went up straightway
out of the water,” in going from sprinkling, than from immersion?

It is a fact that the people were baptized of John in the river of
Jordan. Is it more probable that they were sprinkled of John, in the
river of Jordan, than that they were immersed in the river of Jordan?

It is a fact that “John was baptizing in Enon, near Salim, because
there was much water there.” Is it more probable that he sprinkled in a
place, because there was _much water_ there, than that he immersed in a
place because there was _much water_ there?

It is a fact that Philip and the eunuch, both went down into the water,
and he baptized him. Is it more probable that they both went down into
the water to sprinkle, than that they both went down into the water to

It is a fact, mentioned by Paul, as a result of baptizing, that the
_body is washed_. Is it more probable that the _body is washed_ in
sprinkling, than that the body is washed in immersing?

It is a fact, stated by Paul, that “we are _buried with him in
baptism_.” Is it more probable that we are buried with him in
sprinkling, than that we are buried with him in immersion?

It is a fact, stated by Paul, that we are _buried with him

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--On the Northeast Storms in North America 254 To Dr.
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I turned my head from them to an old gray-headed one, who was single on another leaf, and talking to himself.
Page 47
If people in trade would judge rightly, we might buy blindfolded, and they would save, both to themselves and customers, the unpleasantness of _haggling_.
Page 67
As the city of London, in all ages, as well as the time we are now speaking of, was remarkable for its opposition to arbitrary power, the poets levelled all their artillery against the metropolis, in order to bring the citizens into contempt: an alderman was never introduced on the theatre but under the complicated character of a sneaking, canting hypocrite, a miser, and a cuckold; while the court-wits, with impunity, libelled the most valuable part of.
Page 76
A servant scrambles out upon the penthouse, at the risk of her neck, and with a mug in her hand and a bucket within reach, she dashes away innumerable gallons of water against the glass panes, to the great annoyance of the passengers in the street.
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You tell me that she will certainly cheat us, and that she despises us already.
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"You are happy, as your years come on, in having that dear and most amiable family about you.
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A man says something which another tells him is a lie.
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Your criticisms thereon appear to be just, and I imagine you may have misapprehended my intention in mentioning it.
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" * * * * * _To Miss Catharine Louisa Shipley.
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By the argument it contains against a particular Providence, though you allow a general Providence, you strike at the foundations of all religion.
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" * * * * * _Copy of the last Letter written by Dr.
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I have bequeathed it them in my will; but if they have it already, I will substitute something else.
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noises, like a ruffling wind, or a hollow, rumbling thunder, with brimstone blasts, that they durst not come ashore.
Page 209
That the lower region of air is often more heated, and so more rarefied, than the upper; consequently, specifically lighter.
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I found them all agreeing in the fact, that there was a very great difference, but they differed widely in expressing the quantity of the difference; some supposing it was equal to a mile in six, others to a mile in three, &c.
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So that, supposing large canals, and boats, and depths of water to bear the same proportions, and that four men or horses would draw a boat in deep water four leagues in four hours,.
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"His discoveries were made with hardly any apparatus at all; and if, at any time, he had been led to employ instruments of a somewhat less ordinary description, he never seemed satisfied until he had, as it were, afterward translated the process, by resolving the problem with such simple machinery that you might say he had done it wholly unaided by apparatus.