A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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A. Campbell’s Successors and Critics 241
A Choir 230
A Happy Meeting 260
A Hard Question for Preachers 458
A Higher Morality Required 24
A Mighty Good Foundation 457
A Mother’s Grave 140
A Phalanx of Young Men

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Text Comparison with The Complete Works in Philosophy, Politics and Morals of the late Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 3 [of 3]

Page 27
For a piece of baize, or a pot full of brandy, or the like, they could get a piece of ground, which at present would be worth more than 290_l.
Page 57
The assembly adjourn till September; but are again convoked in July, on occasion of Braddock's defeat.
Page 71
In this situation, the force, now employed in that part of the world, may be spared for any other service here or elsewhere; so that both the offensive and defensive strength of the British empire, on the whole, will be greatly increased.
Page 94
So do those of North America.
Page 105
"That in the middle colonies, where the credit of the paper-money has been best supported, the bills have _never kept to their nominal value_ in circulation; but have constantly depreciated to a certain degree, whenever the quantity has been increased.
Page 109
--At this very time, even the silver-money in England is obliged to the legal tender for part of its value; that part which is the difference between its real weight and its denomination.
Page 134
They, who have been these twenty years cursing our constitution, declaring that it was no constitution, or worse than none; and that things could never be well with us till it was new modelled, and made exactly conformable to the British constitution: they, who have treated our distinguishing privileges as so many illegalities and absurdities; who have solemnly declared in print, that though such privileges might be proper in the infancy of a colony to encourage its settlement, they became unfit for it in its grown state, and ought to be taken away: they, who by numberless falshoods, propagated with infinite industry in the mother country, attempted to procure an act of parliament for the actual depriving a very great part of the people of their privileges: they too, who have already deprived the whole people of some of their most important rights, and are daily endeavouring to deprive them of the rest: are these become patriots and advocates for our constitution? Wonderful change! astonishing conversion! Will the wolves.
Page 163
It is not my intention to combat this opinion.
Page 188
I suppose the quantity is greatly increased since that time, and it is understood, that the exportation from New York is equal to that from Philadelphia.
Page 204
"If this last method is deemed by the legislature, and his majesty's ministers, to be repugnant to their duty as guardians of the just rights of the crown, and of their fellow-subjects; can you suggest any other way of terminating these disputes, consistent with the ideas of justice and propriety conceived by the king's subjects on _both_ sides the Atlantic?" _A.
Page 216
5, 1773.
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The almost general mediocrity of fortune that prevails in America, obliging its people to follow some business for subsistence, those vices, that arise usually from idleness, are in a great measure prevented.
Page 282
On the whole, it appears, that the Israelites were a people jealous of their newly acquired liberty, which jealousy was in itself no fault; but that, when they suffered it to be worked upon by artful men, pretending public good, with nothing really in view but private interest, they were led to oppose.
Page 287
--This only manifests the value they put on their own writings, since they think to frighten the public into their applause, by threatening, that unless you approve what they have already wrote, they intend never to write again; when perhaps it may not be a pin matter, whether they ever do or no.
Page 309
The diligent spinner has a large shift; and now I have a sheep and a cow, every body bids me good-morrow.
Page 372
Let the merchants on both sides treat with one another.
Page 405
letter from, on a water-spout, ii.