A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 320

How many go to
the Lord’s table, to remember his dying love? How many of the preachers
will sit down together, as loving disciples, and meditate upon his
dying love, his great suffering, as he bore our sins on the accursed

When we have lost friends, we go to the grave, and think of them, try
to bring them up in our memories. We talk with our friends about them,
and about seeing them and meeting them in another state. How often do
the professors of religion, in our times, think of the grave of Jesus,
his resurrection, his coronation? How often do they commemorate his
sufferings, and meditate upon his great love to us? His name is almost
set aside, his sufferings almost forgotten, his love, even his dying
love, scarcely mentioned! Yet the word of the Lord, when translated
into English, thunders in our ears!—“If any man love not the Lord
Jesus Christ, he will be accursed when the Lord comes.” We shall hear
these words, and be judged by them, in a day when we shall feel their
force. Jesus is the “one Lord,” the one object of love, the one head
and king. Shall we make an effort to rescue the people from party
influence, and win their hearts and affections from all the frivolous
objects upon which they are placed in partyism, and place them upon Him
who is the express image of the invisible God, the brightness of the
Father’s glory, and in whom all the fullness of the godhead dwells
bodily? Who, with the love of Christ in his own breast, can fail to see
that the work now for good men, is to call the attention of all men to
Christ, to his word, his cause, his church, his salvation, his way,
that they may love him supremely, and be his for evermore?


Dear Reader, we are now about closing another year. This number
completes our weekly visits for another year. The time appears short
since we made the first visit this year, still, fifty-two weeks have
run their course. Another year has fled, and is now numbered with the
years before the flood. The good deeds of the righteous are entered on
the records of eternity, to come up to their everlasting honor in the
day when the righteous judge shall award to every man according to his
works. Not only so, but all the crimes, the transgressions, and acts of
disobedience of every variety, in a long catalogue, have gone up and
been registered in the book of remembrance before the

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