A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 322

What have we done as
a great religious body? What have we done as individual congregations,
or communities? What have we done as families? What have we done as
individuals? What have we done as teachers in the Sunday schools? What
have we done as preachers of the gospel? What have we done as religious
editors? Now is the time to review and see how the account stands
before the Lord. If the Lord should call on us for our annual report,


Publisher & Bookseller,


Invites the attention of authors and others to his
facilities for PUBLISHING

_Books_, _Tracts_, _Pamphlets_, _Catalogues_,
_Sermons_, _Programmes_,



Your orders are respectfully solicited for anything that
may be wanted for

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Text Comparison with Franklin's Autobiography (Eclectic English Classics)

Page 6
He was chosen president, or governor, of Pennsylvania, and the faith of the people in his wisdom made him delegate to the convention which framed the Constitution in 1787.
Page 15
An acquaintance with the apprentices of booksellers enabled me sometimes to borrow a small one, which I was careful to return soon and clean.
Page 29
was in, or slept in, in Philadelphia.
Page 31
This my brother-in-law afterward told me in Boston, but I knew as yet nothing of it when, one day, Keimer and I being at work together near the window, we saw the governor and another gentleman (which proved to be Colonel French of Newcastle), finely dressed, come directly across the street to our house, and heard them at the door.
Page 53
] [Footnote 75: A suburb of London, north of the Thames.
Page 69
Thus I corrected that great erratum as well as I could.
Page 91
The piece, being universally approved, was copied in all the newspapers of the Continent, reprinted in Britain on a broadside,[120] to be stuck up in houses, two translations were made of it in French, and great numbers bought by the clergy and gentry to distribute gratis among their poor parishioners and tenants.
Page 94
As we played pretty equally, we thus beat one another into that language.
Page 95
We had from the beginning made it a rule to keep our institution a secret, which was pretty well observed.
Page 98
few days.
Page 118
He did so, for he asked of everybody, and he obtained a much larger sum than he expected, with which he erected the capacious and very elegant meetinghouse that stands in Arch Street.
Page 122
William Hunter, to succeed him, by a commission from the postmaster-general in England.
Page 124
The governor of Pennsylvania, in sending it down to the Assembly, expressed his approbation of the plan, as appearing to him to be drawn up with.
Page 126
The Assemblies for three years held out against this injustice, though constrained to bend at last.
Page 128
I dictated his address to them, which was well received.
Page 140
Just before we left Bethlehem, eleven farmers, who had been driven from their plantations by the Indians, came to me requesting a supply of firearms, that they might go back and fetch off their cattle.
Page 141
The one who escaped informed us that his and his companions' guns would not go off, the priming[179] being wet with the rain.
Page 151
He was a man of letters, had seen much of the world, and was very entertaining and pleasing in conversation.
Page 170
And it is as truly folly for the poor to ape the rich, as for the frog to swell in order to equal the ox.
Page 175
= You will be interested in comparing the constable's watch of ragamuffins with the watch in Shakespeare's _Much Ado About Nothing_.