A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 328

and rejoice that
it has been published. We regard it as a valuable addition
to our Christian literature, and think a copy of it should
be put into every Christian library, by the side of the
lives of Stone, Smith, Johnson, the two Campbells, Walter
Scott, and others. These biographies of our great and good
men should be read and studied by all, and especially our
young preachers.—_J. M. Mathes._

The work comprises a biography of Elder Franklin from
his childhood—embracing his early life and surroundings,
his conversion, consecration to the work of preaching;
his early efforts, trials, sufferings and encouragements.
There are in this portion of his life some touching
and pathetic incidents concerning his wife’s struggles
with poverty. His labor and growth as a preacher are
recorded, his mistakes and faults are presented with
fairness. His career as a writer is given, his connection
with the various questions that presented themselves as
matter of controversy with the denominations and among
the disciples, his positions, changes and arguments are
presented with fairness. Short sketches are given of many
of the associates of Elder Franklin.

The style is plain, direct and very attractive. We found
it difficult to lay the book aside when we had once looked
into it until we finished it. Our readers will find it an
interesting and instructive volume. We hope all of them
will get it and read it.—_D. Lipscomb._

The publisher has done his work well. There is nothing
flashing nor fanciful in its make up. The man

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I determined to go into it.
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And perhaps this might be one occasion of the differences that we began to have about this time.
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[48] A few days after Keimer sent for me to print off the elegy.
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he was going with Colonel French to taste, as he said, some excellent Madeira.
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rice, 6 lbs.
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If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone.