A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 331

of man over outward circumstances; but there are few such
which are more satisfactory, I think, than that of the
life traced in the volume before us. From the materials
now accumulating, the historian of another generation will
be able to do the chief actors of the last twenty-five
years the justice of impartial judgment. Since each shall
be present in the grand assizes of heaven, he can the more
willingly commit his reputation on earth to the care of
impartial posterity.

The enterprising publisher, John Burns, deserves much
credit for the handsome shape in which the book is brought
out.—_G. W. Longan._

It might be thought, by some who read the work, that
there is too much of the “Times” and not enough of the
“Life” of Benjamin Franklin; but as the author justly
claims, it could not have been done otherwise and be
faithful. I regard the book as a faithful portraiture,
which, indeed, should be allowed by all, especially since
in the statement of propositions and differences, the
author gives both sides.

A good part of the life of Bro. Franklin was the life of
an editor, and my pen is uneasy to say something about the
manner in which he conducted religious periodicals, but I
must restrain it. Editors and preachers now-a-days think
theirs is a toilsome, weary lot. Dear me! Well, let them
read the Life of Benjamin Franklin and become ashamed of
themselves.—_L. B. Wilkes. O. A. Carr._

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