A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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the center around which the whole man revolves, and
to which his entire existence is subservient. If that one idea is not
dragged in, the man is not relieved, his burden is still upon his soul,
and he is in travail waiting to be relieved.

You will see this class of men at meetings, and conventions, both
political and religious, without the most distant idea of promoting
the objects of the meeting, convention, etc., as the case may be, but
with no higher aim than introducing their idea to notice, making the
meeting an engine, and men, met under other obligations, and with the
ostensible object of the meeting before them, instruments to carry
the _pet idea_ on the high road to fame. Sometimes this class of men,
because other men have other objects in view, are actually engaged in
some good and great work, have not time, will not be annoyed nor turned
aside to hear them nor dispute with them; or, if they do, give them but
a passing notice—think all the world afraid of them. But they need
have no fears on this score. An idea that has not force enough to burst
its way forth in the world in defiance of all fogies and conservatives,
would die a natural death, if the parent of it could get some one to
bring it forth.


We have much in the present day on the spiritual care which the divine
Father exercises over his creatures in this world. We consider it clear
that God has angels who guard, protect, and take care of that portion
of the human family which put their trust in him. That the first
Christians believed that a good man had an angel, is clear, from Acts
xii. 15. When the Apostle Peter was delivered from prison by a miracle,
and his voice was heard at the gate, where several disciples were
collected, they could not believe it was him, but said, “_It is his

Speaking of his disciples, the Lord said, “In heaven _their angels_ do
always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.” Mat. xviii.
10. This shows clearly that the disciples of Christ have angels.
Paul says, “But to which of the angel said he at any time, sit on my
right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool? _Are they not
all ministering spirits_, sent forth to minister for them who shall
be heirs of salvation?” The heirs of salvation then have ministering
angels, who wait upon them continually, and at the same time behold the
face of God in heaven.


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As the correlative of the word _flock_, when the church is figuratively called _flock_, the Lord who cares for the flock and has the oversight of it is figuratively called _Shepherd_, or, when the followers of the Lord are figuratively called _sheep_, the Lord is figuratively called “the Shepherd of the sheep.
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Seeing that the light has come, men are inexcusable to be in ignorance.
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The warning to those in danger, is a most righteous and benevolent warning, and those who hear it shall praise God forever, that it has reached their hearts, and induced them to abandon the devoted city.
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—_Isaac Errett.