A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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is an empty
and idle pretense. They are not led by the Spirit at all, but are led
in opposition to all the Spirit ever taught. Those led by the Spirit
receive what the Spirit teaches, as _found in Scripture_, believe it
and delight to follow it. It is idle for those who will not do this to
be talking about the Spirit, or the influence of the Spirit.

If any man gets an immediate evidence of pardon, it is an evidence
that comes not through the Mediator, for what comes through him is not
_immediate_, but through him as a _Medium_, or Mediator. It is a direct
revelation, not through Christ at all, and it is a _new_ revelation.
Are men receiving any _new_ revelations now? The Mormons and
Spiritualists think they are. Do others think so? We do not believe
any _new_ revelations are now being made from God. On this ground we
reject all Mormon pretensions, as well as Romish pretensions and those
of Spiritualists. Since the apostles died, and those on whom they laid
their hands died, not a miracle has been done or a revelation from God
been made. Every pretense to miracle or revelation from then till now
is an empty and idle pretense—an imposition. Since John, the Apostle,
closed the book of Revelation, with the declaration that, if any man
shall add to it, the plagues of that book shall be added to him, there
is an end of all revelation till time shall be no more.

Through Christ, God made a _final_ revelation, to which nothing is to
be added, and from which nothing is to be taken. The will of God is
in that concerning man, and if we desire to know the mind of God we
must consult that revelation. The restlessness of man is wonderful. He
is not willing to be limited even to the revelation God has made, the
testimony God has given concerning his Son, and the unfailing promise
of God for assurance of acceptance with him. But this is the highest
and the only assurance we have or can have, in this world. When God
made the promise, that we might have strong consolation, he confirmed
it by an oath. We come to God by _faith_ and not by _sight_; we walk by
_faith_ and not by _sight_; enjoy God, and Christ and the Holy Spirit
by _faith_ and not by _sight_. So we enjoy the remission of sins and
acceptance with God by _faith_ and not by _sight_. “He that believeth
and is baptized _shall be saved_,” said the

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Franklin's Milieu: The Age of Enlightenment, xiii II.
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He also published works of Benjamin Lay and John Woolman.
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