A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 65

on the throne; to the Supreme Majesty
of heaven and earth. He loves the King above all kings and potentates,
and loves the kingdom of God above all the kingdoms and empires of the
world, and supremely above all parties, sects or denominations. We love
no denomination, nor denominationalism, but love the people involved
in the denomination; and while we desire to see the denomination
literally abolished, wiped out, we desire to save the kingdom of God,
the union of the people of God, and the people themselves. This can be
done if the people will have it so. But if they love the sect, party or
denomination more than the Church of God, or the body of Christ, they
will keep an eye to the sect, party or denomination; to their little
side institutions of human device; every one of which originated with
_men_, and without one scrap of _divine authority_; instead of rising
to the grand and glorious institution ordained of God, with the Lord
for its head, and the law of God for the rule of its faith and practice.


There can be no apology for a man who knows what the truth is, what the
doctrine of Christ is, what christianity is, who will use it merely
as a proof to sustain, prove, and impose something else upon himself
and others, for he might just as easily have received the truth, the
doctrine of Christ, christianity itself, enjoyed it, and been saved
by it, as to have trifled with it, in trying to prove something else
by it. But if a man does not know what the truth is, the doctrine
of Christ, christianity is, and adopts something else, he is simply
guessing at it, and is not to be relied upon. He has no foundation.

We are as well convinced, as we are that there is a glorious heaven
for the righteous, and a hell for the wicked, that no man now living,
who knows what the Lord’s truth is, what the gospel of Christ is, what
christianity is, and what the Bible is, and has appealed to it to
sustain something else, and now continues so to appeal to it, could, if
his life were at stake, give a good reason why he did not receive the
truth itself, the gospel, christianity, the Bible itself, rely upon it
as his only hope for life, his only guide, as the only divine system,
the only divine institution, in the place of perverting its glorious
influence and power to sustain and prop up something

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signé_ RAULET, _Prieur de Marly.
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