A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

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baptism, of itself never led any man to
baptism. The great truth of all truth, that “Jesus is the Christ, the
Son of the living God,” lies at the bottom and puts all the balance in
motion. Jesus, the Anointed, full of grace and truth, is the supreme
authority. The first thing, first in order and first in importance, is
the work of bringing the Lord before men and preparing them to regard
him; to recognize his authority and become willing to follow him—be
led by him. Till this is done, it is useless to tell men what he says,
or what he commands. Men must be convinced that he has authority to
command, and that they are bound to submit to him or be rejected by him

In presenting the claims of the Lord Messiah, we must clear the way of
all rubbish, all written and unwritten traditions of men, all doctrines
and commandments of men, all rule and authority lording it over the
heritage of God; all creeds and councils of men, all religious bodies
and establishments having no divine authority; all usurpations and
encroachments on the prerogatives of the Lord Jesus; all religious
names and titles, forms and ceremonies, having no precept or example in
Scripture; all sects and sectarianism—all these must be swept away;
and the supreme and absolute authority of the Lord restored. The law of
God itself, as found on the pages of the inspired Scriptures, must be
restored to the people of God. There must be no compromise of truth
with error, the kingdom of God with any thing else, the law of God
with any other law. The law of God must be maintained as _the law_,
the supreme and absolute law, and all other religious law must be set
aside as law and repudiated. The union of the people of God must be
maintained, defended and continually advocated, as right in itself and
divinely required.

As a religious body, the work we have undertaken has not changed, but
is the same now as it was forty years ago, as manifestly right as ever.
We have undertaken to restore the gospel to the people; the ancient
order of things; the religion of Christ itself, as it came from the
Lord. We have gone up to primitive ground, apostolic ground, where the
first followers of the Lord stood, and aim to practice in all things,
as they did; have all things as they did; have all things as they
had—the faith, the practice, and the worship, without anything added
or taken away. The Lord has blessed the undertaking

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In consequence, he took me to walk with him, and see joiners, bricklayers, turners, braziers, &c.
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I was once inclined to it; but mentioning it to my good friend Mr.
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important part of that journal is the _plan_ to be found in it, which I formed at sea, for regulating the future conduct of my life.
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upon me which I had never the least reason to expect.
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[Thus far was.
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opinions; some say that it came from a sort of title of which a book, that you bought when here, gives a lively account.
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I experienced, too, the truth of the observation, "_that after getting the first hundred pounds it is more easy to get the second_;" money itself being of a prolific nature.
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The governor put me into the commission of the peace; the corporation of the city chose me one of.
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" I bid her sweep the whole street clean, and I would give her a shilling; this was at nine o'clock; at noon she came for the shilling.
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Since that imprudent transaction, they have received from it--not one farthing! The business of the postoffice occasioned my taking a journey this year to New-England, where the college of Cambridge, of their own motion, presented me with the degree of Master of Arts.
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It being winter, a fire was necessary for them; but a common fire on the surface of the ground would, by its light, have discovered their position at a distance; they had therefore dug holes in the ground, about three feet in diameter and somewhat deeper; we found where they had, with their hatchets, cut off the charcoal from the sides of burnt logs lying in the woods.
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No such honour had been paid him when in the province, nor to any of his governors; and he said it was only proper to princes of the blood royal, which may be true for aught I know, who was and still am ignorant of the etiquette in such cases.
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Monsieur Delor, who had an apparatus for experimental philosophy, and lectured in that branch of science, undertook to repeat what he called the _Philadelphia experiments_; and after they were performed before the king and court, all the curious of Paris flocked to see them.
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Franklin's departure from Europe.
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; and in that will I bequeathed two thousand pounds more to the state, for the purpose of making the Schuylkill navigable; but understanding since that such a sum will do but little towards accomplishing such a work, and that the project is not likely to be undertaken for many years to come; and having entertained another idea, that I hope may be more extensively useful, I do hereby revoke and annul that bequest, and direct that the certificates I have for what remains due to me of that salary be sold towards raising the sum of two thousand pounds sterling, to be disposed of as I am now about to order.
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_ The balance is paid by our produce carried to the West Indies (and sold in our own islands, or to the French, Spaniards, Danes, and Dutch); by the same produce carried to other colonies in North America (as to New-England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Carolina, and Georgia); by the same, carried to different parts of Europe (as Spain, Portugal, and Italy).
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Fly where.