A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 79

in a sectarian
church? Must he therefore throw it aside? Where did he get his Bible?
Must he throw it away because he got it from sectarians. There is but
one safe rule in all this, and that is to hold on to that which came
from the Lord, the right things, no matter where we found them.

We have not set out merely to see how radical we can be; to see how
far we can differ from all men, but to separate the human from the
divine—that which did not come from God from that which did; and when
we find a man with the right book—the Bible—we accept it without
inquiring where he obtained it. When we find a man with the gospel of
Christ, we accept it, no matter where he obtained it. If he has the
right repentance we accept it without any regard to where he obtained
it. In the same way in regard to the immersion and everything else. Has
he the right things—the things of God?

Why start these subtleties about immersion, and confuse the public mind
in regard to it? Why not get up difficulties about the prayers, the
communion, the repentance, the faith, or something else? We are not
trying how many difficulties we can find, but trying to clear the way,
and show all men that there is a safe and practical way to union, to
oneness and happiness, both here and hereafter. We desire to emerge out
of the darkness, confusion and misunderstandings of our times, and walk
in the clear light of heaven. Whatever is right we accept, and whatever
is not right we aim to set it right. That which has gone before our
time is beyond our reach, and we leave that to the Judge of all the
earth, who will do right. We desire to open the way for the living
and those yet to come. Let us study the things that are practical and
that work for peace, and the Lord will open our way to the highest
usefulness and happiness in this life, and to all he has for the
redeemed in the life to come.


The community of goods or common stock was a _voluntary thing_ and
not _required_, as is clear from the language of Peter to Ananias and
Sapphira. Alluding to the possession he sold and the proceeds of the
sale he said: “While it remained was it not thine own? and after it was
sold was it not in thine own power?” Acts v. 4. There was no compulsion

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