A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 81

and show your neighbor
how to read them, and where to read, to learn the way of salvation.
Circulate other reading calculated to show them the good and right way.
Be alive and awake to the work—read about it, pray over it, and do all
in your power to counteract ignorance and superstition.


It is true, also, that “God’s word, as the only rule of faith and
practice, is as much set at naught by the religious world to-day as it
was fifty years ago,” and more too; and there is nothing so unpopular
with the masses of the people, and some _called brethren_, as precisely
the apostolic way; and the Reformation is not a failure either. Our
reformatory movement was right, and is still right. It needs no
modification, but needs to be faithfully and honestly carried out. No
reformatory movement can ever get in ahead of it. It went back to the
divine fountain to find the truth, and not something _like it_, that
could be _proved by it_. It went back to the Bible itself, and not
to something _like it_, or something that can be _proved by it_. It
went back to the religion of Christ itself, and not to something _like
it_, or something that can be _proved by it_. This was no failure. The
attempt was to go back to the Lord himself; to his own Book, his own
religion; and those who attempted this, and _did it_, made no failure.
They found the Lord, his Book, and his religion, and found the
salvation of the Lord. There was no failure in all this. This movement
has been in the world about sixty years, or about half as long as
Noah’s mission lasted. Noah found the salvation of the Lord for himself
and family. There was no failure in his case.


We are for the kingdom of God, and for all that pertains to it, but not
for the _kingdom of the clergy_, either as manifested in the Papacy
or among Protestants; nor are we enlisted to get up a _new kingdom of
clergy_. We will never give our influence to establish any new kingdom
of clergy, or recognize any old one. The people of God are _free_. They
do not belong to the clergy. The congregations of the Lord are free,
and not to be manacled down into human confederations and their great
work ended in an insignificant sect. The day we agree to be banded
together into some kind of general confederation of congregations,
under a conference, convention, or we care

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