Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 106

quit the same after spending some years without having made
any great proficiency, and what they have learnt becomes almost
useless, so that their time has been lost, it would not have been
better to have begun with the French, proceeding to the Italian, etc.;
for, tho', after spending the same time, they should quit the study of
languages and never arrive at the Latin, they would, however, have
acquired another tongue or two, that, being in modern use, might be
serviceable to them in common life.[78]

[78] "The authority of Franklin, the most eminently
practical man of his age, in favor of reserving the
study of the dead languages until the mind has reached a
certain maturity, is confirmed by the confession of one
of the most eminent scholars of any age.

"'Our seminaries of learning,' says Gibbon, 'do not
exactly correspond with the precept of a Spartan king,
that the child should be instructed in the arts which
will be useful to the man; since a finished scholar may
emerge from the head of Westminster or Eton, in total
ignorance of the business and conversation of English
gentlemen in the latter end of the eighteenth century.
But these schools may assume the merit of teaching all
that they pretend to teach, the Latin and Greek

After ten years' absence from Boston, and having become easy in my
circumstances, I made a journey thither to visit my relations, which I
could not sooner well afford. In returning, I call'd at Newport to see
my brother, then settled there with his printing-house. Our former
differences were forgotten, and our meeting was very cordial and
affectionate. He was fast declining in his health, and requested of me
that, in case of his death, which he apprehended not far distant, I
would take home his son, then but ten years of age, and bring him up
to the printing business. This I accordingly perform'd, sending him a
few years to school before I took him into the office. His mother
carried on the business till he was grown up, when I assisted him with
an assortment of new types, those of his father being in a manner worn
out. Thus it was that I made my

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