Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 184

said Runaway, so that his Master
may have him again, shall have _Twenty Shillings_ Reward,
and reasonable Charges paid, by me

_William Dewees._

_Lately Re-printed and Sold at the New Printing-Office
near the Market._

The _PSALMS_ of _David_, Imitated
in the Language of the _New Testament_, and apply'd
to the Christian State and Worship By _I. Watts_,
V D M The Seventh Edition.

N. B. _This Work has met with such a general good Reception
and Esteem among the Protestant Dissenters in_ Great Britain, &c.
_whether_ Presbyterians, Independents, _or_ Baptists, _that Six
large Impressions before This have been sold off in a very short Time._

_The chief Design of this excellent Performance (as the Author
acquaints us in his Advertisement to the Reader) is "to improve_
Psalmody _or_ Religious Singing," _and so encourage and
assist the frequent Practice of it in publick Assemblies and private
Families with more Honour and Delight; yet the
Reading of it may also entertain the Parlour and the Closet
with devout Pleasure and holy Meditations. Therefore he would
request his Readers, at proper Seasons, to peruse it thro', and
among 340 sacred Hymns they may find out several that suit
their own Case and Temper, or the Circumstances of their Families
or Friends, they may teach their Children such as are
proper for their Age and by treasuring them in their Memory
they may be furnish'd for pious Retirement, or may entertain
their Friends with holy Melody._

Lately Imported from _London_, by _Johu
Le_, and are to be sold by him at the lowest Prices,
either by Wholesale or Retale, at his Shop in _Market Street_,
over against the _Presbyterian_ Meeting-House, these Goods
following, _viz._

Callicoes, divers Sorts. Hollands, and several sorts of
Sheeting Linnen. Several sorts of Diapers and Table-Cloths.
Several sorts of Cambricks. Mantua Silks, and Grassets.
Beryllan, and plain Callimanco. Tamie yard-wide. Men's
dyed shammie Gloves. Women's _Ditto_, Lamb. Stitching
Silk, Thread and Silk. Twist for Women. Silk and Ribbands.
Double Thread Stockings. Men's white shammie
Gloves. Silk Handkerchiefs, & other sorts of Handkerchiefs.
Men's glaz'd Gloves, Topp'd. Men's Shoe-Buckles, Bath-metal.
Masks for Women. Several sorts of Penknives.
Plain metal Buttons for Men's Coats and Jackets. Ivory
Case-Knives, and several sorts of Pocket-Knives. Dowlasses
several sorts. Huckabags, and Russia Linnen. Oznaburghs.
Several sorts of Looking Glasses. Garlicks and brown Holland.
Bag-Holland _Ditto_. Several sorts of Druggets. Fine
Kerseys. Superfine double-mill'd Drab. Broad-Cloths.
London Shalloons. Fine and coarse Hats. Men and Women's
_English_ Shoes. Stockings, several sorts, for Men, Women
and Children. Several sorts of Caps. Women's Bonnets.
Several sorts of Horn and Ivory Combs. Gun-powder,
Shot, and Flints. Bibles of several sorts. Testaments,
Psalters and Primers. Large Paper Books, and small ones,
with Pocket-Books, and

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