Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 186

their Loss Condol'd.
Some say, she's Wed; I say, she's sold.

_The Letter against Inoculating the Small Pox, (Sign'd
Absinthium) giving an Account of the Number of
Persons who have dy'd under that Operation, will be
Inserted in our next._


_Ispahan, March 6._ The Conspiracy form'd by the
Grand Vizir last January was Twelvemonth, with design
to make himself King of Persia, was seasonably
discover'd, and himself and Accomplices secured; since
which the State hath enjoy'd its former Tranquility,
and a new Vizir is appointed in his room, The old
one's Eyes being both put out, he is kept alive (but
in Prison) to make him discover all his Riches;
which must be immensely great, since they found in
one of his Chests four hundred thousand Persian Ducats,
beside Foreign Coin, and in another Place abundance
of Jewels, Gold and Silver; and so in proportion
among several of his Accomplices; by the help of
which Treasure they hoped to compass their Ends.

_Tripoli, July 12._ As soon as our Squadron fitted out
against the Famous Baffaw Gianur, Cogia, appear'd off
Dasna and Bengan, with two thousand five hundred
Moorish Horse, and a thousand Foot, and skirmish'd
a little with his Squadron, he abandon'd both those
Places, and fled to the Island of Serby in the Territories
of Tunis; But the Bey of that Place having deny'd
him Shelter, he sail'd farther away, in a French
Barque, we know not whether; and his own Galleys
and Barques, are gone after him, so that we are now
entirely rid of that troublesome Guest. Our Rovers
keep all in Port, for Fear of the Malteze.

_Cadiz, Aug. 12._ The Flota is expected Home from
the West-Indies before the End of this Month.
Thirteen Pieces of Cannon and two Mortars were lately
sent from hence to Ceuta. The three Spanish Men
of War of 50 to 60 Guns each, which carried the Spanish
Cardinals to Italy, are now at Alicant: It is said
they are to join the Dutch Vice-Admiral, who is now
in this Bay with four Ships of his Squadron of 50
Guns each, and cruize against the Algerines. Wheat
and Barley being very cheap in these Parts, great
Quantities have been sent lately to the Canaries,
where for some Time past the Inhabitants have been
in great Want of Corn. On the 9th Instant died Mr.
Charles, His Britannick Majesty's Consul at St.

_Berne, Aug. 20._ The Deputies of this Canton who
went to the Diet at Frawenfeldt, are now assembled
at Baden with those of Zurich and Glaris, to regulate
certain Affairs relating to the Town and County of
Baden, which formerly belonged to the Eight Eldest
Cantons, but in

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