Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 4


"I regularly took my turn of duty there as a common
soldier" 204

"In the evening, hearing a great noise among them,
the commissioners walk'd out to see what was the
matter" 224

"Our axes ... were immediately set to work to
cut down trees" 278

"We now appeared very wide, and so far from each
other in our opinions as to discourage all hope
of agreement" 318

"You will find it stream out plentifully from the key
on the approach of your knuckle" 328

Father Abraham in his study 330

The end papers show, at the front, the Franklin arms and
the Franklin seal; at the back, the medal given by the
Boston public schools from the fund left by Franklin for
that purpose as provided in the following extract from his

"I was born in Boston,

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Franklin, written in the characters of the alphabet 357 Rules for a club formerly established in Philadelphia 366 Questions discussed by the Junto forming the preceding club 369 Sketch of an English school; for the consideration of the trustees of the Philadelphia Academy 370 Advice to youth in reading 378 PAPERS ON SUBJECTS OF GENERAL POLITICS.
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437 On the criminal laws, and the practice of privateering 441 A parable against persecution, in imitation of scripture language 450 A letter concerning persecution in former ages, the maintenance of the clergy, American bishops, and the state of toleration in Old England and New England compared 452 On the slave trade 459 Account of the highest court of judicature in Pensylvania, viz.
Page 63
How a living animal obtains its quantity of this fluid called fire, is a curious question.
Page 78
_ _Craven-street, Monday, March 30, 1761.
Page 103
I had been of opinion, that good mahogany wood was not affected by moisture so as to change its dimensions, and that it was always to be found as the tools of the workman left it.
Page 112
Therefore air in motion, which is wind, in passing over the smooth surface of water, may rub, as it were, upon that surface, and raise it into wrinkles, which, if the wind continues, are the elements of future waves.
Page 144
But rusk is better; for being made of good fermented bread, sliced and baked a second time, the pieces imbibe the water easily, soften immediately, digest more kindly, and are therefore more wholesome than the unfermented biscuit.
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26; for then when the ship should make a sudden heel, the soup would not in a body flow over one side, and fall into people's laps and scald them, as is sometimes the case, but would be retained in the separate divisions, as in figure 27.
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I say _from without_, to guard you against a common mistake of those who may tell you, the room is large, contains abundance of air, sufficient to supply any chimney, and therefore it cannot be that the chimney wants air.
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The fire kindled at seven in the morning would burn till noon; and all the iron of the machine with the walls of the niche being thereby heated, the room kept warm till evening, when another smaller fire kindled kept it warm till midnight.
Page 246
As it burns down and leaves a vacancy above, which you would fill with fresh coals, the upper bar is to be taken out, and afterwards replaced.
Page 316
Traders, who by their business are promoting the common good of mankind, as well as farmers and fishermen, who labour for the subsistence of all, should never be interrupted, or molested in their business, but enjoy the protection of all in the time of war, as well as in time of peace.
Page 319
--If so, pass another in favour of the mob.
Page 347
with or without enquiry or hearing, at the court's discretion.
Page 349
Hence, On eagles' wings, immortal scandals fly, While virtuous actions are but born and die.
Page 353
feeling of, as to Britain, in May 1775, 346.
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Page 383
cheapness of, encourages idleness, ii.
Page 384
_ _Sea-coal_, has a vegetable origin, ii.