Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 75

printing-house with him. There this apprentice employ'd his former
master as a journeyman; they quarrell'd often; Harry went continually
behindhand, and at length was forc'd to sell his types and return to
his country work in Pennsylvania. The person that bought them employ'd
Keimer to use them, but in a few years he died.

There remained now no competitor with me at Philadelphia but the old
one, Bradford; who was rich and easy, did a little printing now and
then by straggling hands, but was not very anxious about the business.
However, as he kept the post-office, it was imagined he had better
opportunities of obtaining news; his paper was thought a better
distributer of advertisements than mine, and therefore had many more,
which was a profitable thing to him, and a disadvantage to me; for,
tho' I did indeed receive and send papers by the post, yet the publick
opinion was otherwise, for what I did send was by bribing the riders,
who took them privately, Bradford being unkind enough to forbid it,
which occasion'd some resentment on my part; and I thought so meanly
of him for it, that, when I afterward came into his situation, I took
care never to imitate it.

I had hitherto continu'd to board with Godfrey, who lived in part of
my house with his wife and children, and had one side of the shop for
his glazier's business, tho' he worked little, being always absorbed
in his mathematics. Mrs. Godfrey projected a match for me with a
relation's daughter, took opportunities of bringing us often together,
till a serious courtship on my part ensu'd, the girl being in herself
very deserving. The old folks encourag'd me by continual invitations
to supper, and by leaving us together, till at length it was time to
explain. Mrs. Godfrey manag'd our little treaty. I let her know that I
expected as much money with their daughter as would pay off my
remaining debt for the printing-house, which I believe was not then
above a hundred pounds. She brought me word they had no such sum to
spare; I said they might mortgage their house in the loan-office. The
answer to this, after some days, was, that they did not approve the
match; that, on inquiry of Bradford, they had been informed the
printing business was not a profitable one; the types would soon be
worn out, and more wanted; that S. Keimer and D. Harry had failed one
after the other, and I should probably soon follow them; and,
therefore, I was forbidden the house, and the daughter shut up.

Whether this

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