Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 87

discovers my
truest interest. Strengthen my resolutions to perform what
that wisdom dictates. Accept my kind offices to thy other
children as the only return in my power for thy continual
favours to me_."

I used also sometimes a little prayer which I took from Thomson's
Poems, viz.:

"Father of light and life, thou Good Supreme!
O teach me what is good; teach me Thyself!
Save me from folly, vanity, and vice,
From every low pursuit; and fill my soul
With knowledge, conscious peace, and virtue pure;
Sacred, substantial, never-fading bliss!"

The precept of _Order_ requiring that _every part of my business
should have its allotted time_, one page in my little book contain'd
the following scheme of employment for the twenty-four hours of a
natural day.

{ 5} Rise, wash, and address
{ 6} _Powerful Goodness_!
The Morning. { } Contrive day's
_Question._ What good { } business, and take the
shall I do this day? { } resolution of the day;
{ 7} prosecute the present
{ } study, and breakfast.

9} Work.

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and S.
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That some fossils, as sulphur, sea-coal, &c.
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After our return to England, as often as I happened to be on the Thames, I enquired of our watermen whether they were sensible of any difference in rowing over shallow or deep water.
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And it is not to be wondered that so vast a body of deep warm water, several leagues wide, coming from between the tropics and issuing out of the gulph into the northern seas, should retain its warmth longer than the twenty or thirty days required to its passing the banks of Newfoundland.
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Whatever right you may have by agreement in the mass of stores laid in by him for the passengers, it is good to have some particular things in your own possession, so as to be always at your own command.
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Chusing a place where the water deepens gradually, walk coolly into it till it is up to your breast, then turn round, your face to the shore, and throw an egg into the water between you and the shore.
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If you observe the draught of air into your fire-place to be stronger than is necessary (as in extreme cold weather it often is) so that the wood is consumed faster than usual; in that case, a quarter, half, or two-thirds turn of the register, will check the violence of the draught, and let your fire burn with the moderation you desire: and at the same time both the fire-place and the room will be the warmer, because less cold air will enter and pass through them.
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_ Take care that every room has the means of supplying itself from without, with the air its chimney may require, so that no one of them may be obliged to borrow.
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For many years past, I have rarely met with a case of a smoky chimney, which has not been solvable on these principles, and cured by these remedies, where people have been willing to apply them; which is indeed not always the case; for many have prejudices in favour of the nostrums of pretending chimney-doctors and fumists, and some have conceits and fancies of their own, which they rather chuse to try, than to lengthen a funnel, alter the size of an opening, or admit air into a room, however necessary; for some are as much afraid of fresh air as persons in the hydrophobia are of fresh water.
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During my late absence in France, I find that.
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Have you read over these queries this morning, in order to consider what you might have to offer the Junto [touching] any one of them? viz.
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"The following Parable against Persecution was communicated to me by Dr.
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There is a lust in man no charm can tame, Of loudly publishing his neighbour's shame.
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should not be prohibited in time of war, 417.
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reflections on, iii.
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