Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 88


Noon. {12} Read, or overlook my
{ 1} accounts, and dine.

3} Work.
Evening. { 6} Put things in their
_Question._ What good { 7} places. Supper. Music
have I done to-day? { 8} or diversion, or conversation.
{ 9} Examination of
{ } the day.

Night. {10} Sleep.

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393 A Suggestion 99 A Working Ministry 130 Activity in the Ministry 453 Adhering to the Bible 207 Affirmative Gospel 428 All Things Common 94 Annihilation—Future Punishment 100 Anointing with Oil 396 Apology for Creeds 120 Authority of a Single Congregation 243 Baptism of the Holy Spirit 407 Be firm in the Right .
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Giving up Principles 397 Glorying in the Cross of Christ 439 Hardening Pharaoh’s Heart 15 Hear ye Him 123 How a Preacher may Stand Fair 281 How the Cause of Reformation was Advanced 391 How the World Regards Dancers 297 Household Baptisms 433 Imperfect Medium for a Perfect Revelation 482 Individuality after Death 369 Infant Sin—Infant Salvation 108 Influence of the Dance 245 Innovations in the Church of Christ 413 In Season and out of Season 38 Is.
Page 48
” See verse 58.
Page 68
Do not wait for a _call_, but _go_; do not wait for some certain promise of support, but trust to the promises of God; go in faith; trust in God; sow the good seed of the kingdom, the word of God, that it may fall into good and honest hearts and bring forth much fruit.
Page 94
What can be done for a man who does not care? What can a preacher do for a man whose spirit is so calloused and numbed as to be incapable of giving attention to a single discourse? What can be.
Page 136
in a system.
Page 140
At the house of Cornelius they were immersed into Christ after they had been immersed in the Holy Spirit.
Page 144
Under such circumstances, how the mind is filled with piety, and how the spirit adorns the redeeming love which, through Jesus Christ, has brought the tidings of deliverance! Finding no abatement of persecutions here, no mitigation of suffering, the afflicted pilgrim looks to another world for a home—for a city upon the immovable rock, the maker and builder of which is God, where he anticipates he will enter the eternal rest.
Page 166
Christ is the.
Page 216
The flock means the church, and the shepherd is the correlative of flock, and is applied to an overseer, or one who oversees or looks over the flock as a shepherd.
Page 229
Why does that trader refuse that bank bill? Because he believes the statement in the detector, that it is under par.
Page 241
Cornelius said, “at the ninth hour, I prayed in my house.
Page 248
But that was not a difference between _then_ and _now_, but difference in view of the difference in the conditions of persons at the _same time_.
Page 254
page 166: “Hence appears the perverseness of their disposition to murmur, because they intentionally suppress the cause of condemnation, while they are constrained to acknowledge it themselves, hoping to excuse themselves by charging it upon God.
Page 271
finds a “law of conscience,” another “a law of love,” another thinks we are not under law, but under grace, but does not notice that Paul’s law, that we are not under, is the law of Moses, and, that Paul’s grace, that we are under, embraces the “law of Christ;” the “perfect law of liberty,” the “law of the Spirit of life.
Page 286
No one doubts that he _could_.
Page 312
These will go where another class of men will not go, and do a work that another class of men will not do, and yet a work every way as important to the conversion of the world.
Page 316
—Your notions of preaching will not do.
Page 320
How many go to the Lord’s table, to remember his dying love? How many of the preachers will sit down together, as loving disciples, and meditate upon his dying love, his great suffering, as he bore our sins on the accursed tree? When we have lost friends, we go to the grave, and think of them, try to bring them up in our memories.
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