Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

By Benjamin Franklin

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...Benjamin Franklin and
the First Balloons



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...view of the historic and scientific interest
of these letters, they are now printed exactly according...

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...There was some Wind, but not very strong. A little
Rain had wet it, so that...

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forward the Transactions, as well as to the Council for so readily
ordering them on Application....

Page 4 fast as that Wind,
and over Hedges, Ditches & even Waters. It has been even...

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...a tree,
and was torn in getting it down; so that it cannot be ascertained
whether it...

Page 6 passing thro' this Flame rose
in the Balloon, swell'd out its sides, and fill'd it.


Page 7 high that
they could not see them.

_Developpant du Gaz._ That is, in plain English, _burning...

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...Air, will carry up a greater Weight than the other,
which tho' vastly bigger was filled...

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...Balloon we now

With great and sincere Esteem, I am,
Dear Sir,

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...great Balloon was near, and a small one was discharg'd which
went to an amazing Height,...

Page 11 altered by the Pen to show
its real State when it went off. When the...

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...faire encore quelques observations, impatiente de la Lenteur de
cette operation, a repris son Vol a...

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...for "By the emulation," in Smyth,
read "But the Emulation;" in paragraph fifteen for the phrase,...

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p. 7, Added a missing comma after "Sir" at the beginning of the...