Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 11

is altered by the Pen to show
its real State when it went off. When the Tickets were engraved, the
Car was to have been hung to the Neck of the Globe, as represented by a
little Drawing I have made in the Corner A. I suppose it may have been
an Apprehension of Danger in straining too much the Balloon or tearing
the Silk, that induc'd the Constructors to throw a Net over it, fix'd
to a Hoop which went round its Middle, and to hang the Car to that
Hoop, as you see in Fig. B.

Tuesday Morning, Dec. 2. I am reliev'd from my Anxiety, by hearing
that the Adventurers descended well near l'Isle Adam, before Sunset.
This Place is near 7 Leagues from Paris. Had the Wind blown fresh, they
might have gone much farther.

If I receive any farther Particulars of Importance I shall communicate
them hereafter.

With great Esteem, I am, Dear Sir,
Your most obedient
& most humble servant,

P. S. Tuesday Evening.

Since writing the above, I have receiv'd the printed Paper & the
Manuscript, containing some Particulars of the Experiment, which I
enclose.--I hear farther, that the Travellers had perfect Command of
their Carriage, descending as they pleas'd by letting some of the
inflammable Air escape, and rising again by discharging some Sand;
that they descended over a Field so low as to talk with Labourers in
passing and mounted again to pass a Hill. The little Balloon falling at
Vincennes, shows that mounting higher it met with a Current of Air in a
contrary Direction: An Observation that may be of use to future aerial



Mr. Le Chevalier de Cubiere qui a suivi la marche du Globe est
arrive chez M. Charles hier a 10 heures 1/4 du Soir et a dit, Que les
Voyageurs etoient descendus lentement et volontairement a trois heures
3/4 dans les Marais de Nesle et d'Hebouville, une lieue et demie apres
l'Isle Adam. Ils y ont ete accueillis par Mrs. le Duc de Chartre et
Fitz James, qui apres les avoir embrasses, ont signe le Proces verbal
de lieu et d'heure. Beaucoup d'habitants de la campagne et le cure de
Nesle et d'Hebouville se sont aussi trouves a leur arrivee.

Les Voyageurs ont assure n'avoir eprouve que des Sensations agreables
dans leur traversee. Mr. Robert etant sorti du Char, et aide de
quelques Paysans, se disposoit a remplacer sa Pesanteur avec de la
Terre; mais M. Charles voulant profiter du peu de Jour qui lui restoit,

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