Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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Concerning the Increase
of Mankind, Peopling of Countries, Etc._ Aids Dr. Bond to
establish Pennsylvania hospital.

1752. Collinson edition of Franklin's works translated into French.
Alleged kite experiment proves identity of lightning and
electricity. Invents lightning rod; in September raises one
over his own house. Mother dies. Aids in establishing the
first fire insurance company in the colonies.

1753. Appointed (jointly with William Hunter) deputy postmaster
general of North America Post, a position he held until 1774.
Makes ten-weeks' survey of roads and post offices in northern
colonies. Abbe Nollet attacks Franklin in _Lettres sur
l'electricite_ (Paris). Beccaria defends Franklin's electrical
theories against Abbe Nollet. Receives M. A. from Harvard and
from Yale. Receives Sir Godfrey Copley medal from the Royal

1754. Proposes Albany Plan of Union. Second edition of _Experiments
and Observations on Electricity_.

1755. _An Act for the Better Ordering and Regulating such as are
Willing and Desirous to be United for Military Purposes within
the Province of Pennsylvania._ _A Dialogue Between X, Y, & Z,
concerning the Present State of Affairs in Pennsylvania._ Aids
General Braddock in getting supplies and transportation.

1756. Supervises construction efforts in province of Pennsylvania (a
task begun in 1755). Chosen Fellow of the Royal Society of
London. Chosen a member of the London Society of Arts. _Plan
for Settling the Western Colonies in North America, with
Reasons for the Plan._ M. D'Alibard's edition of Franklin's
electrical experiments (French translation). Receives M. A.
from William and Mary College.

1757. Appointed colonial agent for Province of Pennsylvania (arrives
in London July 26). _The Way to Wealth_ (for 1758). (In 1889
Ford noted: "Seventy editions of it have been printed

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Text Comparison with Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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PAGE Portrait of Franklin vii Pages 1 and 4 of _The Pennsylvania Gazette_, Number XL, the first number after Franklin took control xxi First page of _The New England Courant_ of December 4-11, 1721 33 "I was employed to carry the papers thro' the streets to the customers" 36 "She, standing at the door, saw me, and thought I made, as I certainly did, a most awkward, ridiculous appearance" 48 "I took to working at press" 88 "I see him still at work when I go home from club" 120 Two pages from _Poor Richard's Almanac_ for 1736 .
Page 4
Page 22
I stood out some time, but at last was persuaded, and signed the indentures when I was yet but twelve years old.
Page 32
I cut so miserable a figure, too, that I found, by the questions ask'd me, I was suspected to be some runaway servant, and in danger of being taken up on that suspicion.
Page 50
He had half ruin'd Miss Read's father by persuading him to be bound for him.
Page 65
My arguments perverted some others, particularly Collins and Ralph; but, each of them having afterwards wrong'd me greatly without the least compunction, and recollecting Keith's conduct towards me (who was another free-thinker), and my own towards Vernon and Miss Read, which at times gave me great trouble, I began to suspect that this doctrine, tho' it might be true, was not very useful.
Page 70
I perceive that I am apt to speak in the singular number, though our partnership still continu'd; the reason may be that, in fact, the whole management of the business lay upon me.
Page 74
I was at first apprehensive of a powerful rival in Harry, as his friends were very able, and had a good deal of interest.
Page 75
Harry had failed one after the other, and I should probably soon follow them; and, therefore, I was forbidden the house, and the daughter shut up.
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| +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+ | | S.
Page 90
" "Yes," says the man, "_but I think I like a speckled ax best_.
Page 98
11 6 St.
Page 109
On the whole, I proposed as a more effectual watch, the hiring of proper men to serve constantly in that business; and as a more equitable way of supporting the charge, the levying a tax that should be proportion'd to the property.
Page 114
Most of them did well, being enabled at the end of our term, six years, to purchase the types of me and go on working for themselves, by which means several families were raised.
Page 117
"I approve," says I, "of his rule, and will practice it with a small addition; I shall never _ask_, never _refuse_, nor ever _resign_ an office.
Page 124
He took off my hands all care of the printing-office, paying me punctually my share of the profits.
Page 134
Mine happen'd to be preferr'd, and, with a few amendments, was accordingly reported.
Page 136
" "My dear friend," says he, pleasantly, "how can you advise my avoiding disputes? You know I love disputing; it is one of my greatest pleasures; however, to show the regard I have for your counsel, I promise you I will, if possible, avoid them.
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Page 147
They seem'd surpris'd that I did not immediately comply with their proposal.