Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 15

The Lord's Prayer (1779?), 414
The Levee (1779?), 417
Proposed New Version of the Bible (1779?), 419
To Joseph Priestley (February 8, 1780), 420
To George Washington (March 5, 1780), 421
To Miss Georgiana Shipley (October 8, 1780), 422
To Richard Price (October 9, 1780), 423
Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout (1780), 424
The Handsome and Deformed Leg (1780?), 430
To Miss Georgiana Shipley (undated), 432
To David Hartley (December 15, 1781),

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Text Comparison with Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Page 11
Dear son: I have ever had pleasure in obtaining any little anecdotes of my ancestors.
Page 13
The notes one of my uncles (who had the same kind of curiosity in collecting family anecdotes) once put into my hands, furnished me with several particulars relating to our ancestors.
Page 16
The family continued all of the Church of England till about the end of Charles the Second's reign, when some of the ministers that had been outed for non-conformity, holding conventicles[9] in Northamptonshire, Benjamin and Josiah adhered to them, and so continued all their lives: the rest of the family remained with the Episcopal Church.
Page 17
I was put to the grammar-school at eight years of age, my father intending to devote me, as the tithe[13] of his sons, to the service of the Church.
Page 31
Honest John was the first that I know of who mix'd narration and dialogue; a method of writing very engaging to the reader, who in the most interesting parts finds himself, as it were, brought into the company and present at the discourse.
Page 32
In this manner we lay all night, with very little rest; but, the wind abating the next day, we made a shift to reach Amboy before night, having been thirty hours on the water, without victuals, or any drink but a bottle of filthy rum, and the water we sail'd on being salt.
Page 39
Holmes was not yet return'd, and had not written about me.
Page 47
Ralph only made some criticisms, and propos'd some amendments; but I defended my text.
Page 77
I drew up the proposals, got them put into form by our great scrivener, Brockden, and, by the help of my friends in the Junto, procured fifty subscribers of forty shillings each to begin with, and ten shillings a year for fifty years, the term our company was to continue.
Page 82
Page 115
, which are attended often with breach of friendship and of the connection, perhaps with lawsuits and other disagreeable consequences.
Page 133
To do this, a variety of improvements were necessary; some of these were inevitably at first expensive, so that in the first four years the office became above nine hundred pounds in debt to us.
Page 137
[Illustration: "One afternoon, in the height of this public quarrel, we met in the street"] One afternoon, in the height of this public quarrel, we met in the street.
Page 153
"And so they may," answer'd my informer, "if you let the parties chuse for themselves;" which, indeed, I could not deny.
Page 158
What gave my book the more sudden and general celebrity, was the success of one of its proposed experiments, made by Messrs.
Page 172
Some changes were however recommended and we also engaged they should be made by a subsequent law, but the Assembly did not think them necessary; for one year's tax having been levied by the act before the order of Council arrived, they appointed a committee to examine the proceedings of the assessors, and on this committee they put several particular friends of the proprietaries.
Page 178
A LETTER TO SAMUEL MATHER Passy, May 12, 1784.
Page 180
_ Some twenty satirical rules embodying the line of conduct England was pursuing with America.
Page 187
Letters from Geneva say, the two Battalions employ'd in surrounding La Canourgue, are infected; and that Maages is very much suspected.
Page 188