Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 168

could, some sensible Friend or Neighbour to converse with,
and always took care to start some ingenious or useful Topic for
Discourse, which might tend to improve the Minds of his Children. By
this means he turn'd our Attention to what was good, just, and prudent
in the Conduct of Life; and little or no Notice was ever taken of what
related to the Victuals on the Table, whether it was well or ill drest,
in or out of season, of good or bad flavour, preferable or inferior to
this or that other thing of the kind; so that I was bro't up in such a
perfect Inattention to those Matters as to be quite Indifferent what
kind of Food was set before me, and so unobservant of it, that to this
Day, if I am ask'd I can scarce tell a few Hours after Dinner, what I
din'd upon. This has been a Convenience to me in travelling, where my
Companions have been sometimes very unhappy for want of a suitable
Gratification of their more delicate[,] because better instructed[,]
tastes and appetites.

My Mother had likewise an excellent Constitution. She suckled all her 10
Children. I never knew either my Father or Mother to have any Sickness
but that of which they dy'd he at 89, and she at 85 years of age. They
lie buried together at Boston, where I some years since placed a Marble
Stone over their Grave with this Inscription:

And ABIAH his Wife
Lie here interred.
They lived lovingly together in Wedlock
Fifty-five Years.
Without an Estate or any gainful Employment,
By constant labour and Industry,
With God's blessing,
They maintained a large Family
And brought up thirteen Children,

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Text Comparison with The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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It rained very hard all the day; I was thoroughly soak'd, and by noon a good deal tired; so I stopt at a.
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A friend of his, one Vernon, having some money due to him in Pensilvania, about thirty-five pounds currency, desired I would receive it for him, and keep it till I had his directions what to remit it in.
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I went on pleasantly, but poor Keimer suffered grievously, tired of the project, long'd for the flesh-pots of Egypt, and order'd a roast pig.
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He had formerly been in business at Bristol, but failed in debt to a number of people, compounded and went to America.
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him with, and, when they expected nothing but the treat, every man at the first remove found under his plate an order on a banker for the full amount of the unpaid remainder with interest.
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Meredith persuaded me to comply, as it would give more opportunity for his improvement under my daily instructions; so I return'd, and we went on more smoothly than for some time before.
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My mind having been much more improv'd by reading than Keimer's, I suppose it was for that reason my conversation seem'd to be more valu'd.
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As no end likewise happens without a means, so we shall find, sir, that even you yourself framed a plan by which you became considerable; but at the same time we may see that though the event is flattering, the means are as simple as wisdom could make them; that is, depending upon nature, virtue, thought and habit.
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Considering your great age, the caution of your character, and your peculiar style of thinking, it is not likely that any one besides yourself can be sufficiently master of the facts of your life, or the intentions of your mind.
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It will be remark'd that, tho' my scheme was not wholly without religion, there was in it no mark of any of.
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HAVING mentioned a great and extensive project which I had conceiv'd, it seems proper that some account should be here given of that project and its object.
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On search he found that part quoted at length, in one of the British Reviews, from a discourse of Dr.
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, and without informing them of the connection with the Junto.
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Whitefield's enemies affected to suppose that he would apply these collections to his own private emolument; but I who was intimately acquainted with him (being employed in printing his Sermons and Journals, etc.
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He preach'd one evening from the top of the Court-house steps, which are in the middle of Market-street, and on the west side of Second-street, which crosses it at right angles.
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I went down, and found they were two of our Quaker members.
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To avoid this kind of embarrassment, the Quakers have of late years been gradually declining the public service in the Assembly and in the magistracy, choosing rather to quit their power than their principle.
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On this I form'd my plan; and asking leave to bring in a bill for incorporating the contributors according to the prayer of their petition, and granting them a blank sum of money, which leave was obtained chiefly on the consideration that the House could throw the bill out if they did not like it, I drew it so as to make the important clause a conditional one, viz.
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" So he never obtain'd leave, though detained afterwards from day to day during full three months.
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They alledg'd that the act was intended to load the proprietary estate in order to spare those of the people, and that if it were suffer'd to continue in force, and the proprietaries who were in odium with the people, left to their mercy in proportioning the taxes, they would inevitably be ruined.