Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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a positive
dogmatical Manner in advancing your Sentiments, may provoke
Contradiction and prevent a candid Attention. If you wish Information
and Improvement from the Knowledge of others and yet at the same time
express yourself as firmly fix'd in your present Opinions, modest
sensible Men, who do not love Disputation, will probably leave you
undisturbed in the Possession of your Error; and by such a Manner you
can seldom hope to recommend yourself in _pleasing_ your Hearers, or to
persuade those whose Concurrence you desire.--Pope says, judiciously,

_Men should be taught as if you taught them not,
And things unknown propos'd as things forgot,--_

farther recommending it to us,

_To speak tho' sure, with seeming Diffidence._

And he might have coupled with this Line that which he has coupled with
another, I think less properly,

_For want of Modesty is want of Sense._

If you ask why _less properly_, I must repeat the lines;

"Immodest Words admit of _no_ Defence;
_For_ Want of Modesty is Want of Sense."

Now is not _Want of Sense_ (where a Man is so unfortunate as to want it)
some Apology for his _Want of Modesty?_ and would not the Lines stand
more justly thus?

Immodest Words admit _but this_ Defence,
That Want of Modesty is Want of Sense.

This however I should submit to better Judgments.--

My Brother had in 1720 or 21, begun to print a Newspaper. It was the
second that appear'd in America, and was called _The New England
Courant_.[2] The only one before it, was _the Boston News Letter_. I
remember his being dissuaded by some of his Friends from the
Undertaking, as not likely to succeed, one Newspaper being in their
Judgment enough for America.--At this time 1771 there are not less than
five and twenty.--He went on however with the Undertaking, and after
having work'd in composing the Types and printing off the Sheets, I was
employ'd to carry the Papers thro' the Streets to the Customers.--He had
some ingenious Men among his Friends who amus'd themselves by writing
little Pieces for this Paper, which gain'd it Credit, and made it more
in Demand; and these Gentlemen often visited us.--Hearing their
Conversations, and their Accounts of the Approbation their Papers were
receiv'd with, I was excited to try my Hand among them. But being still
a Boy, and suspecting that my Brother would object to printing any Thing
of mine in his Paper if he knew

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