Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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when my Letter came to hand, spoke
to him of me, and show'd him the Letter. The Governor read it, and
seem'd surpriz'd when he was told my Age. He said I appear'd a young Man
of promising Parts, and therefore should be encouraged: The Printers at
Philadelphia were wretched ones, and if I would set up there, he made
no doubt I should succeed; for his Part, he would procure me the publick
Business, and do me every other Service in his Power. This my
Brother-in-law afterwards told me in Boston. But I knew as yet nothing
of it; when one Day Keimer and I being at Work together near the Window,
we saw the Governor and another Gentleman (which prov'd to be Col.
French, of New Castle) finely dress'd, come directly across the Street
to our House, and heard them at the Door. Keimer ran down immediately,
thinking it a Visit to him. But the Governor enquir'd for me, came up,
and with a Condescension and Politeness I had been quite unus'd to, made
me many Compliments, desired to be acquainted with me, blam'd me kindly
for not having made myself known to him when I first came to the Place,
and would have me away with him to the Tavern where he was going with
Col. French to taste as he said some excellent Madeira. I was not a
little surpriz'd, and Keimer star'd like a Pig poison'd. I went however
with the Governor and Col. French, to a Tavern [at] the Corner of Third
Street, and over the Madeira he propos'd my Setting up my Business, laid
before me the Probabilities of Success, and both he and Col. French,
assur'd me I should have their Interest and Influence in procuring the
Publick Business of both Governments. On my doubting whether my Father
would assist me in it, Sir William said he would give me a Letter to
him, in which he would state the Advantages, and he did not doubt of
prevailing with him. So it was concluded I should return to Boston in
the first Vessel with the Governor's Letter recommending me to my
Father. In the mean time the Intention was to be kept secret, and I went
on working with Keimer as usual, the Governor sending for me now and
then to dine with him, a very great Honour I thought it, and conversing
with me in the most affable, familiar, and friendly manner imaginable.
About the End of April 1724 a little Vessel offer'd for Boston. I took
leave of Keimer as going to see

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If the eighteenth-century philosopher renounced Eden, he discovered Arcadia in distant isles and America.
Page 80
Nurtured by the Bible, Bunyan, Addison and Steele, Tryon, Socrates, and Xenophon--a blend of Christian and classical traditions--he felt the reasonableness, if not the saintliness, of curbing the resolute sway of his natural self.
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, London, 1762) are the result "of his office as Head of a seminary of learning [Philadelphia Academy and College]; in order to advance the interests of Science, and therewith the interests of true Christianity" (p.
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"Franklin and Galloway: Some Unpublished Letters," _Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society_, N.
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(Valuable for its check lists of colonial libraries, suggesting books current in Franklin's formative years.
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| | | * | | | * | | +--+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+ |F.
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I _love_ him therefore for his Goodness, and I _adore_ him for his Wisdom.
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pleas'd to understand that my _Predictions of the Weather_ give such general Satisfaction; and indeed, such Care is taken in the Calculations, on which those Predictions are founded, that I could almost venture to say, there's not a single One of them, promising _Snow_, _Rain_, _Hail_, _Heat_, _Frost_, _Fogs_, _Wind_, or _Thunder_, but what comes to pass _punctually_ and _precisely_ on the very Day, in some Place or other on this little _diminutive_ Globe of ours; (and when you consider the vast Distance of the Stars from whence we take our Aim, you must allow it no small Degree of Exactness to hit any Part of it) I say on this Globe; for tho' in other Matters I confine the Usefulness of my _Ephemeris_ to the _Northern Colonies_, yet in that important Matter of the Weather, which is of such _general Concern_, I would have it more extensively useful, and therefore take in both Hemispheres, and all Latitudes from _Hudson's Bay_ to _Cape Horn_.
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Last Q.
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| Aspects, &c.
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5 16 | 7 13 | 4 47 | | 24 | 7 | _weather,_.
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---------------------- _How to secure Houses_, &c.
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_ In _Richmond_, the 3d tuesday in _March_, and 4th in _September_.
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I ought now to make an Apology to you for delaying so long the Answer to your Letter.
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Verse 6.
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since I have heard any thing of the _good Bishop_.
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Till this is done, which can only be by a Revolution (and I think you have not Virtue enough left to procure one), your Nation will always be plundered, and obliged to pay by Taxes the Plunderers for Plundering and Ruining.
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When, thro' the Clouds of smoke, he saw the Fire of the Guns, the Decks covered with mangled Limbs, and Bodies dead or dying; the ships sinking, burning, or blown into the Air; and the Quantity of Pain, Misery, and Destruction, the Crews yet alive were thus with so much Eagerness dealing round to one another; he turn'd angrily to his Guide, and said, "You blundering Blockhead, you are ignorant of your Business; you undertook to conduct me to the Earth, and you have brought me into Hell!" "No, Sir," says the Guide, "I have made no mistake; this is really the Earth, and these are men.