Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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of being at Man's
Estate. Holmes said what he could in fav^r of the Project; but my Father
was clear in the Impropriety of it; and at last gave a flat Denial to
it. Then he wrote a civil Letter to Sir William thanking him for the
Patronage he had so kindly offered me, but declining to assist me as yet
in Setting up, I being in his Opinion too young to be trusted with the
Management of a Business so important, and for which the Preparation
must be so expensive.--

My Friend and Companion Collins, who was a Clerk at the Post-Office,
pleas'd with the Account I gave him of my new Country, determin'd to go
thither also: And while I waited for my Fathers Determination, he set
out before me by Land to Rhodeisland, leaving his Books which were a
pretty Collection of Mathematicks and Natural Philosophy, to come with
mine and me to New York where he propos'd to wait for me. My Father,
tho' he did not approve Sir William's Proposition was yet pleas'd that I
had been able to obtain so advantageous a Character from a Person of
such Note where I had resided, and that I had been so industrious and
careful as to equip myself so handsomely in so short a time: therefore
seeing no Prospect of an Accommodation between my Brother and me, he
gave his Consent to my Returning again to Philadelphia, advis'd me to
behave respectfully to the People there, endeavour to obtain the general
Esteem, and avoid lampooning and libelling to which he thought I had too
much Inclination; telling me, that by steady Industry and a prudent
Parsimony, I might save enough by the time I was One and Twenty to set
me up, and that if I came near the Matter he would help me out with the
rest. This was all I could obtain, except some small Gifts as Tokens of
his and my Mother's Love, when I embark'd again for New-York, now with
their Approbation and their Blessing.--

The Sloop putting in at Newport, Rhodeisland, I visited my Brother John,
who had been married and settled there some Years. He received me very
affectionately, for he always lov'd me. A Friend of his, one Vernon,
having some Money due to him in Pensilvania, about 35 Pounds Currency,
desired I would receive it for him, and keep it till I had his
Directions what to remit it in. Accordingly he gave me an Order.--This
afterwards occasion'd me a good deal of Uneasiness. At Newport we took
in a Number of Passengers

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