Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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most facetious entertaining
Companion. Lyons too introduced me to Dr. Pemberton, at Batson's Coffee
House, who promis'd to give me an Opportunity some time or other of
seeing Sir Isaac Newton, of which I was extreamly desirous; but this
never happened.

I had brought over a few Curiosities among which the principal was a
Purse made of the Asbestos, which purifies by Fire. Sir Hans Sloane
heard of it, came to see me, and invited me to his House in Bloomsbury
Square; where he show'd me all his Curiosities, and persuaded me to let
him add that to the Number, for which he paid me handsomely.[4]--

At my first Admission into this Printing House, I took to working at
Press, imagining I felt a Want of the Bodily Exercise I had been us'd to
in America, where Presswork is mix'd with Composing, I drank only Water,
the other Workmen, near 50 in Number, were great Guzzlers of Beer. On
occasion I carried up and down Stairs a large Form of Types in each
hand, when others carried but one in both Hands. They wonder'd to see
from this and several Instances that the water-American as they call'd
me was _stronger_ than themselves who drank _strong_ beer. We had an
Alehouse Boy who attended always in the House to supply the Workmen. My
Companion at the Press, drank every day a Pint before Breakfast, a Pint
at Breakfast with his Bread and Cheese; a Pint between Breakfast and
Dinner; a Pint at Dinner; a Pint in the Afternoon about Six o'Clock, and
another when he had done his Day's-Work. I thought it a detestable
Custom.--But it was necessary, he suppos'd, to drink _strong_ Beer that
he might be _strong_ to labour. I endeavour'd to convince him that the
Bodily Strength afforded by Beer could only be in proportion to the
Grain or Flour of the Barley dissolved in the Water of which it was
made; that there was more Flour in a Penny-worth of Bread, and therefore
if he would eat that with a Pint of Water, it would give him more
Strength than a Quart of Beer.--He drank on however, and had 4 or 5
Shillings to pay out of his Wages every Saturday Night for that muddling
Liquor; an Expence I was free from.--And thus these poor Devils keep
themselves always under.

Watts after some Weeks desiring to have me in the Composing-Room, I left
the Pressmen. A new _Bienvenu_ or Sum for Drink; being 5/, was demanded
of me by the Compositors. I thought it an Imposition, as I had paid
below. The Master

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They were wretched stuff, in street-ballad style; and when they were printed, my brother sent me about the town to sell them.
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" I inscribed it to my friend Ralph; I printed a small number.
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He left me a small legacy in a nuncupative will, as a token of his kindness to me, and he left me once more to the wide world, for the store was taken into the care of his executors, and my employment under him ended.
Page 54
Robert Grace, a young gentleman of some fortune, generous, lively, and witty; a lover of punning and of his friends.
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In Queen Mary's days, either his wife, or my grandmother by father's side, informed my father that they kept their Bible fastened under the top of a joint-stool that they might turn up the book and read in the Bible; that, when anybody came to the dore, .
Page 76
The libraries were augmented by donations; reading became fashionable; and our people, having no public amusements to divert their attention from study, became better acquainted with books, and in a few years were observed by strangers to be better instructed and more intelligent than people of the same rank generally are in other countries.
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I had not been early accustomed to _method_, and having an exceeding good memory, I was not so sensible of the inconvenience attending want of method.
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The sight of their miserable situation inspired the benevolent heart of Mr.
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This for some time gave an easy access to the market dry shod; but the rest of the street not being paved, whenever a carriage came out of the mud upon this pavement, it shook off and left its dirt upon it, and it was soon covered with mire, which was not removed, the city as yet having no scavengers.
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I said nothing, however, to him of my intention, but wrote the next morning to the committee of Assembly, who had the disposition of some public money, warmly recommending the case of these officers to their consideration, and proposing that a present should be sent them of necessaries and refreshments.
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His securities are.
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But mankind can with difficulty be brought to lay aside established practices, or to adopt new ones.
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Cullen, had been communicated to Dr.
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On the 3rd of April, 1783, a treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States and Sweden, was concluded at Paris by Dr.
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And if the number of appliers so entitled should be so large as that the sum will not suffice to afford to each as much as might otherwise not be improper, the proportion to each shall be diminished, so as to afford every one some assistance.
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Franklin before the British House of Commons, relative to the Repeal of the American Stamp-act.
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The Moor then went into his house, where he had scarce seated himself when a great crowd, with loud lamentations, came to the gate bringing the corpse of his son, that had just been killed by a Spaniard.
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---- in ascertaining the geography of the moon or measuring the tail of a comet.
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[22] The publication of this work by Doctor Franklin was made in London during the war that begun in 1773.