Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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America.--After many
Years, you and I had something of more Importance to do with one of
these Sons of Sir William Wyndham, become Earl of Egremont, which I
shall mention in its Place.--[This promise Franklin did not fulfill.]

Thus I spent about 18 Months in London. Most Part of the Time, I work'd
hard at my Business, and spent but little upon myself except in seeing
Plays, and in Books.--My Friend Ralph had kept me poor. He owed me about
27 Pounds; which I was now never likely to receive; a great Sum out of
my small Earnings. I lov'd him notwithstanding, for he had many amiable
Qualities.--Tho' I had by no means improv'd my Fortune. But I had pick'd
up some very ingenious Acquaintance whose Conversation was of great
Advantage to me, and I had read considerably.

We sail'd from Gravesend on the 23^d of July 1726. For the Incidents of
the Voyage, I refer you to my Journal, where you will find them all
minutely related. Perhaps the most important Part of that Journal is the
_Plan_ [This Plan is not found in the _Journal_ printed in _Writings_,
II, 53-86.] to be found in it which I formed at Sea, for regulating my
future Conduct in Life. It is the more remarkable, as being formed when
I was so young, and yet being pretty faithfully adhered to quite thro'
to old Age.--We landed in Philadelphia on the 11th of October, where I
found sundry Alterations. Keith was no longer Governor, being superceded
by Major Gordon: I met him walking the Streets as a common Citizen. He
seem'd a little asham'd at seeing me, but pass'd without saying any
thing. I should have been as much asham'd at seeing Miss Read, had not
her Fr^ds, despairing with Reason of my Return, after the Receipt of my
Letter, persuaded her to marry another, one Rogers, a Potter, which was
done in my Absence. With him however she was never happy, and soon
parted from him, refusing to cohabit with him, or bear his Name[,] it
being now said that he had another Wife. He was a worthless Fellow tho'
an excellent Workman[,] which was the Temptation to her Friends. He got
into Debt, ran away in 1727 or 28. and went to the West Indies, and died
there. Keimer had got a better House, a Shop well supply'd with
Stationary[,] plenty of new Types, a number of Hands tho' none good, and
seem'd to have a great deal of Business.

Mr. Denham took a Store in Water Street, where we open'd our Goods. I

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note 108), it was probably written between January and May, 1781.