Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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are reducible to
this one Point, _Uneasiness_, tho' the Means we propose to ourselves for
expelling of it are infinite. One proposes _Fame_, another _Wealth_, a
third _Power_, &c. as the Means to gain this _End_; but tho' these are
never attain'd, if the Uneasiness be remov'd by some other Means, the
_Desire_ is satisfy'd. Now during the Course of Life we are ourselves
continually removing successive Uneasinesses as they arise, and the
_last_ we suffer is remov'd by the _sweet Sleep_ of Death.

IV. _The fulfilling or Satisfaction of this_ Desire, _produces the
Sensation of_ Pleasure, _great or small in exact proportion to the_

_Pleasure_ is that Satisfaction which arises in the Mind upon, and is
caus'd by, the accomplishment of our _Desires_, and by no other Means at
all; and those Desires being above shewn to be caus'd by our _Pains_ or
_Uneasinesses_, it follows that _Pleasure_ is wholly caus'd by _Pain_,
and by no other Thing at all.

V. _Therefore the Sensation of_ Pleasure _is equal, or in exact
proportion to the Sensation of_ Pain.

As the _Desire_ of being freed from Uneasiness is equal to the
_Uneasiness_, and the _Pleasure_ of satisfying that Desire equal to the
_Desire_, the _Pleasure_ thereby produc'd must necessarily be equal to
the _Uneasiness_ or _Pain_ which produces it: of three Lines, _A_, _B_,
and _C_, if _A_ is equal to _B_, and _B_ to _C_, _C_ must be equal to
_A_. And as our _Uneasinesses_ are always remov'd by some Means or
other, it follows that _Pleasure_ and _Pain_ are in their Nature
inseparable: So many Degrees as one Scale of the Ballance descends, so
many exactly the other ascends; and one cannot rise or fall without the
Fall or Rise of the other: 'Tis impossible to taste of _Pleasure_,
without feeling its preceding proportionate _Pain_; or to be sensible of
_Pain_, without having its necessary Consequent _Pleasure_: The _highest
Pleasure_ is only Consciousness of Freedom from the _deepest Pain_, and
Pain is not Pain to us unless we ourselves are sensible of it. They go
Hand in Hand; they cannot be divided.

You have a View of the whole Argument in a few familiar Examples: The
_Pain_ of Abstinence from Food, as it is greater or less, produces a
greater or less _Desire_ of Eating, the Accomplishment of this _Desire_
produces a greater or less _Pleasure_ proportionate to it. The _Pain_ of
Confinement causes the _Desire_ of Liberty, which accomplish'd, yields a
_Pleasure_ equal to that _Pain_ of Confinement. The _Pain_ of Labour and
Fatigue causes the _Pleasure_ of Rest, equal to that _Pain_. The _Pain_
of Absence

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