Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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given us Reason whereby we are
capable of observing his Wisdom in the Creation, he is not above caring
for us, being pleas'd with our Praise, and offended when we slight Him,
or neglect his Glory.

I conceive for many Reasons, that he is a _good Being_; and as I should
be happy to have so wise, good, and powerful a Being my Friend, let me
consider in what manner I shall make myself most acceptable to him.

Next to the Praise resulting from and due to his Wisdom, I believe he is
pleas'd and delights in the Happiness of those he has created; and since
without Virtue Man can have no Happiness in this World, I firmly believe
he delights to see me Virtuous, because he is pleased when he sees Me

And since he has created many Things, which seem purely design'd for the
Delight of Man, I believe he is not offended, when he sees his Children
solace themselves in any manner of pleasant exercises and Innocent
Delights; and I think no Pleasure innocent, that is to Man hurtful.

I _love_ him therefore for his Goodness, and I _adore_ him for his

Let me then not fail to praise my God continually, for it is his Due,
and it is all I can return for his many Favours and great Goodness to
me; and let me resolve to be virtuous, that I may be happy, that I may
please Him, who is delighted to see me happy. Amen!


PREL. Being mindful that before I address the Deity, my soul ought to be
calm and serene, free from Passion and Perturbation, or otherwise
elevated with Rational Joy and Pleasure, I ought to use a Countenance
that expresses a filial Respect, mixed w^th a kind of Smiling, that
Signifies inward Joy, and Satisfaction, and Admiration.

O wise God, my good Father!

Thou beholdest the sincerity of my Heart and of my Devotion; Grant me a
Continuance of thy Favour!

1. O Creator, O Father! I believe that thou art Good, and that thou art
_pleas'd with the pleasure_ of thy children.--Praised be thy name for

2. By thy Power hast thou made the glorious Sun, with his attending
Worlds; from the energy of thy mighty Will, they first received [their
prodigious] motion, and by thy Wisdom hast thou prescribed the wondrous
Laws, by which they move.--Praised be thy name for Ever!

3. By thy Wisdom hast thou formed all Things. Thou hast created Man,
bestowing Life and Reason, and placed him in Dignity superior to thy
other earthly Creatures.--Praised be thy name for Ever!

4. Thy

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