Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 285

graciously assist my
Continual Endeavours and Resolutions of eschewing Vice and embracing
Virtue; which Kind of Supplications will _at least be thus far
beneficial, as they remind me_ in a solemn manner of my Extensive duty.

That I may be preserved from Atheism & Infidelity, Impiety,
and Profaneness, and, in my Addresses to Thee, carefully
avoid Irreverence and ostentation, Formality and odious
Hypocrisy,--Help me, O Father!

That I may be loyal to my Prince, and faithful to my country,
careful for its good, valiant in its defence, and obedient to
its Laws, abhorring Treason as much as Tyranny,--Help me, O

That I may to those above me be dutiful, humble, and
submissive; avoiding Pride, Disrespect, and Contumacy,--Help
me, O Father!

That I may to those below me be gracious, Condescending, and
Forgiving, using Clemency, protecting _innocent Distress_,
avoiding Cruelty, Harshness, and Oppression, Insolence, and
unreasonable Severity,--Help me, O Father!

That I may refrain from Censure, Calumny and Detraction; that
I may avoid and abhor Deceit and Envy, Fraud, Flattery, and
Hatred, Malice, Lying, and Ingratitude,--Help me, O Father!

That I may be sincere in Friendship, faithful in trust, and
Impartial in Judgment, watchful against Pride, and against
Anger (that momentary Madness),--Help me, O Father!

That I may be just in all my Dealings, temperate in my
Pleasures, full of Candour and Ingenuity, Humanity and
Benevolence,--Help me, O Father!

That I may be grateful to my Benefactors, and generous to my
Friends, exercising Charity and Liberality to the Poor, and
Pity to the Miserable,--Help me, O Father!

That I may avoid Avarice and Ambition, Jealousie, and
Intemperance, Falsehood, Luxury, and Lasciviousness,--Help
me, O Father!

That I may possess Integrity and Evenness of Mind, Resolution
in Difficulties, and Fortitude under Affliction; that I may
be punctual in performing my promises, Peaceable and prudent

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Text Comparison with Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons

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Although the American owners of these copies did not allow them to be transcribed, Mr.
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At 5 aClock Notice was given to the Spectators by the Firing of two Cannon, that the Cord was about to be cut.
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Please to accept and present my Thanks.
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le Duc de Chartre et Fitz James, qui apres les avoir embrasses, ont signe le Proces verbal de lieu et d'heure.
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" _Letter of October 8.
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25th" is not in the press-copy, contrary to Smyth's statement, but I have a press-copy of the French _Proces-Verbal_, therein referred to, in Franklin's handwriting with his name and eight others affixed as witnesses.
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unchanged: p.