Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 295

Neighbour of mine, who is really agreeable Company
enough, and with whom I have had an Intimacy of some Time
standing; but of late she makes her visits so excessively
often, and stays so very long every Visit, that I am tir'd
out of all Patience. I have no Manner of Time at all to
myself; and you, who seem to be a wise Man, must needs be
sensible that every Person has little Secrets and Privacies,
that are not proper to be expos'd even to the nearest Friend.
Now I cannot do the least Thing in the World, but she must
know all about it; and it is a Wonder I have found an
Opportunity to write you this Letter. My Misfortune is, that
I respect her very well, and know not how to disoblige her so
much as to tell her I should be glad to have less other
Company; for if I should once hint such a Thing, I am afraid
she would resent it so as never to darken my Door again.

"But alas, Sir, I have not yet told you half my Affliction.
She has two Children, that are just big enough to run about
and do pretty Mischief; these are continually along with
Mamma, either in my Room or Shop, if I have ever so many
Customers or People with me about Business. Sometimes they
pull the Goods off my low Shelves down to the Ground, and
perhaps where one of them has just been making Water. My
Friend takes up the Stuff, and cries, 'Eh! thou little wicked
mischievous Rogue! But, however, it has done no great
Damage; 'tis only wet a little;' and so puts it up upon the
Shelf again. Sometimes they get to my Cask of Nails behind
the Counter, and divert themselves, to my great Vexation,
with mixing my Ten-penny, and Eight-penny, and Four-penny,

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