Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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I am the happiest Man in the World. Be steady, _Horatio_!
Never depart from Reason and Virtue.

_Hor._ Sooner will I lose my Existence. Good Night, _Philocles_.

_Phil._ Adieu! dear _Horatio_!


[From the _Pennsylvania Gazette_, Oct. 22, 1730.]

"Saturday last, at Mount-Holly, about 8 Miles from this Place
[Burlington, N. J.] near 300 People were gathered together to see an
Experiment or two tried on some Persons accused of Witchcraft. It seems
the Accused had been charged with making their Neighbours' Sheep dance
in an uncommon Manner, and with causing Hogs to speak and sing Psalms,
etc., to the great Terror and Amazement of the king's good and
peaceable Subjects in this Province; and the Accusers, being very
positive that if the Accused were weighed in Scales against a Bible, the
Bible would prove too heavy for them; or that, if they were bound and
put into the River they would swim; the said Accused, desirous to make
Innocence appear, voluntarily offered to undergo the said Trials if 2 of
the most violent of their Accusers would be tried with them. Accordingly
the Time and Place was agreed on and advertised about the Country; The
Accusers were 1 Man and 1 Woman: and the Accused the same. The Parties
being met and the People got together, a grand Consultation was held,
before they proceeded to Trial; in which it was agreed to use the Scales
first; and a Committee of Men were appointed to search the Men, and a
Committee of Women to search the Women, to see if they had any Thing of
Weight about them, particularly Pins. After the Scrutiny was over a huge
great Bible belonging to the Justice of the Place was provided, and a
Lane through the Populace was made from the Justice's House to the
Scales, which were fixed on a Gallows erected for that Purpose opposite
to the House, that the Justice's Wife and the rest of the Ladies might
see the Trial without coming amongst the Mob, and after the Manner of
Moorfields a large Ring was also made. Then came out of the House a
grave, tall Man carrying the Holy Writ before the supposed Wizard etc.,
(as solemnly as the Sword-bearer of London before the Lord Mayor) the
Wizard was first put in the Scale, and over him was read a Chapter out
of the Books of Moses, and then the Bible was put in the other Scale,
(which, being kept down before) was immediately let go; but, to the
great Surprize of the Spectators, Flesh and Bones came down

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'" * * * * * THE WASTE OF LIFE.
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What is the.
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The philosopher Epimenides gave the Rhodians this description of Truth.
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The Indian women till the ground, dress the food, nurse and bring up the children, and preserve and hand down to posterity the memory of public transactions.
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profound silence.
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I am one of that class of people that feeds you all, and at present abused by you all; in short, I am a _farmer_.
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There is also another alleviation of the husband's distress; he generally has the privilege of a small room or closet.
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Above all things, I dislike family quarrels; and when they happen among my relations, nothing gives me more pain.
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Our militia, you find by experience, are sufficient to defend our lands from invasion; and the commerce with us will be defended by all the nations who find an advantage in it.
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in the evening of a long life of business; but it was refused me, and I have been obliged to drudge on a little longer.
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Adieu, my dear friend, and believe me ever yours most affectionately, "B.
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I am now in my eighty-fourth year, and the last year has considerably enfeebled me, so that I hardly expect to remain another.
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You might easily display your excellent talents of reasoning upon a less hazardous subject, and thereby obtain a rank with our most distinguished authors.
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present circumstances, that mode of studying the nature of the globe is out of my power, and therefore I have permitted myself to wander a little in the wilds of fancy.
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What signifies philosophy that does not apply to some use? May we not learn from hence that black clothes are not so fit to wear in.
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There are few, though convinced, that know how to give up even an error they have been once engaged in maintaining; there is, therefore, the more merit in dropping a contest where one thinks one's self right; it is at least respectful to those we converse with.
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