Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

Page 316

my Business. I shall not burn my Press and
melt my Letters.



I might in this place attempt to gain thy Favour, by declaring that I
write Almanacks with no other View than that of the publick Good; but in
this I should not be sincere; and Men are now adays too wise to be
deceiv'd by Pretences how specious soever. The plain Truth of the Matter
is, I am excessive poor, and my Wife, good Woman, is, I tell her,
excessive proud; she cannot bear, she says, to sit spinning in her Shift
of Tow, while I do nothing but gaze at the Stars; and has threatned more
than once to burn all my Books and Rattling-Traps (as she calls my
Instruments) if I do not make some profitable Use of them for the Good
of my Family. The Printer has offer'd me some considerable share of the
Profits, and I have thus begun to comply with my Dame's Desire.

Indeed this Motive would have had Force enough to have made me publish
an Almanack many Years since, had it not been overpowered by my Regard
for my good Friend and Fellow Student Mr. _Titan Leeds_, whose Interest
I was extreamly unwilling to hurt: But this Obstacle (I am far from
speaking it with Pleasure) is soon to be removed, since inexorable
Death, who was never known to respect Merit, has already prepared the
mortal Dart, the fatal Sister has already extended her destroying
Shears, and that ingenious Man must soon be taken from us. He dies, by
my Calculation made at his Request, on Oct. 17. 1733. 3 h. 29 m. P. M.
at the very instant of the [Conjunction] of [Sun] and [Mercury]: By his
own Calculation he will survive till the 26th of the same Month.[26]
This small Difference between us we have disputed whenever we have met
these 9 Years past; but at length he is inclinable to agree with my
Judgment: Which of us is most exact, a little Time will now determine.
As therefore these Provinces may not longer expect to see any of his
Performances after this Year, I think my self free to take up the Task,
and request a share of the publick Encouragement; which I am the more
apt to hope for on this Account, that the Buyer of my Almanack may
consider himself, not only as purchasing an useful Utensil, but as
performing an Act of Charity, to his poor _Friend and Servant_

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Text Comparison with A Book of Gems Choice selections from the writings of Benjamin Franklin

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Christ is the soul of the Bible, _the theme_ of the revelation from God to man.
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Since John, the Apostle, closed the book of Revelation, with the declaration that, if any man shall add to it, the plagues of that book shall be added to him, there is an end of all revelation till time shall be no more.
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The body was sown a mortal body, but raised immortal, or raised to die no more.
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Whatever is right we accept, and whatever is not right we aim to set it right.
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There sleeps the nurse of our infancy—the guide of our youth—the counselor of our riper years—our friend, when others deserted us—she, whose heart was a stranger to every other feeling but love, and who could always find excuses for us when we could find none for ourselves.
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Another year has fled, and is now numbered with the years before the flood.