Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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to be ranked)
obtained Copies of it in MS. And, as I believed it to be in itself equal
at least, if not far preferable to any other Translation of the same
Piece extant in our Language, besides the Advantage it has of so many
valuable Notes, which at the same time they clear up the Text, are
highly instructive and entertaining; I resolved to give it an
Impression, being confident that the Publick would not unfavourably
receive it.

A certain Freed-man of _Cicero's_ is reported to have said of a
medicinal Well, discovered in his Time, wonderful for the Virtue of its
Waters in restoring Sight to the Aged, That it was a Gift of the
bountiful Gods to Men, to the end that all might now have the Pleasure
of reading his Master's Works. As that Well, if still in being, is at
too great a Distance for our Use, I have, _Gentle Reader_, as thou
seest, printed this Piece of _Cicero's_ in a large and fair Character,
that those who begin to think on the Subject of Old Age, (which seldom
happens till their Sight is somewhat impair'd by its Approaches) may
not, in Reading, by the _Pain_ small Letters give the Eyes, feel the
_Pleasure_ of the Mind in the least allayed.

I shall add to these few Lines my hearty Wish, that this first
Translation of a _Classic_ in this _Western World_, may be followed with
many others, performed with equal Judgment and Success; and be a happy
Omen, that _Philadelphia_ shall become the Seat of the _American_ Muses.

Philadelphia, Febr. 29. 1743/4.


Philadelphia [March 10], 1745.

--Our people are extremely impatient to hear of your success at Cape
Breton. My shop is filled with thirty inquirers at the coming in of
every post. Some wonder the place is not yet taken. I tell them I shall
be glad to hear that news three months hence. Fortified towns are hard
nuts to crack; and your teeth have not been accustomed to it. Taking
strong places is a particular trade, which you have taken up without
serving an apprenticeship to it. Armies and veterans

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It was never disputed in laying duties to regulate commerce.
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_ 2 vols.
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He began his Paper[9] however, and after carrying it on three Quarters of a Year, with at most only 90 Subscribers, he offer'd it to me for a Trifle, and I having been ready some time to go on with it, took it in hand directly, and it prov'd in a few years extreamly profitable to me.
Page 235
Its first rise in my mind appears in the following little paper, accidentally preserv'd, viz.
Page 253
Now I observed, that the whole Tribe who entred into the Temple with me, began to climb the Throne; but the Work; proving troublesome and difficult to most of them, they withdrew their Hands from the Plow, and contented themselves to sit at the Foot, with Madam _Idleness_ and her Maid _Ignorance_, until those who were assisted by Diligence and a docible Temper, had well nigh got up the first Step: But the Time drawing nigh in which they could no way avoid ascending, they were fain to crave the Assistance of those who had got up before them, and who, for the Reward perhaps of a _Pint of Milk_, or a _Piece of Plumb-Cake_, lent the Lubbers a helping Hand, and sat them in the Eye of the World, upon a Level with themselves.
Page 283
] Then sing MILTON'S HYMN TO THE CREATOR "These are thy Glorious Works, Parent of Good! Almighty, Thine this Universal Frame, Thus wondrous fair! Thyself how wondrous then! Speak ye who best can tell, Ye Sons of Light, Angels, for ye behold him, and with Songs And Choral Symphonies, Day without Night, Circle his Throne rejoicing you in Heav'n, On Earth join all ye creatures to extol Him first, him last, him midst, and without End.
Page 296
But this very Morning they have so tormented me, that I could bear no longer; for, while the Mother was asking me twenty impertinent Questions, the youngest got to my Nails, and with great Delight rattled them by handfuls all over the Floor; and the other, at the same Time, made such a terrible Din upon my Counter with a Hammer, that I grew half distracted.
Page 319
Accept my hearty Thanks therefor, and my sincere Wishes for your Health and Prosperity.
Page 370
_To know where the Sign is.
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Nor gentle Shades alone, nor verdant Plains, Nor fair enamell'd Meads, nor flow'ry Lawns, But e'en rude Rocks and dreary Desarts yield Retreats for the wild Wand'rers of the Field.
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| 3 | 19 | _Setting too good_ | | 4 |[Pisces] 1 | _an Example_ | | 5 | 13 | [Mercury] rise 5 34 | | 6 | 25 | [Conjunction] [Moon] [Venus] [Conjunction] | | | | [Saturn] [Mars] | | 7 |[Aries] 7 | [Venus] sets 8 2 _is a_ | | 8 | 20 | _Kind of Slander_ | | 9 |[Taurus] 3 | _seldom forgiven;_ | | 10 | 16 | .
Page 438
| | 15 | rises | 12 23 | 3 | 4 | | 16 | A.
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3 26 | 6 18 | 5 42 | | 7 | G |16 past Trin.
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2 | +----+-------+--------+---------+-------+-------+---------+----------+ [Illustration] +----+----------+-----------+----+------+ | D.
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---------------------- _How to secure Houses_, &c.
Page 579
The very sensible and benevolent author of that paper seems not to have known, that such a constitutional custom subsists, and has always hitherto been practised in America; or he would not have expressed himself in this manner; "It is evident, beyond a doubt, to the intelligent and impartial, that after the very extraordinary efforts, which were effectually made by Great Britain in the late war to save the colonists from destruction, and attended of necessity with an enormous load of debts in consequence, that the same colonists, now firmly secured from foreign enemies, should be somehow induced to contribute some proportion towards the exigencies of state in future.
Page 614
peace now enjoyed throughout our dominions, having afforded us leisure to apply ourselves to the regulation of commerce, the improvement of our finances, and at the same time the easing our domestic subjects in their taxes: For these causes, and other good considerations us thereunto moving, we hereby make known, that, after having deliberated these affairs in our council, present our dear brothers, and other great officers of the state, members of the same, we, of our certain knowledge, full power, and authority royal, have made and issued this present Edict, viz.
Page 634
And as he drew near, Judah beheld his countenance as it were covered with grief and shame; and he prevented him, saying, "My brother, I know thy loss; but why should it trouble thee? Lo, have I not an axe that will serve both thee and me? Take it, I pray thee, and use it as thine own.
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the fluids, the rigid attention it requires helps to retard the circulation and obstruct internal secretions.
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the rest, make together as follows: 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 ____ Total 1022 One Thousand and Twenty-two Men and Women, contributors to the formation of one Knight.