Benjamin Franklin Representative selections, with introduction, bibliograpy, and notes

By Benjamin Franklin

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(1730), 161
An Apology for Printers (1731), 163
Preface to _Poor Richard_ (1733), 169
A Meditation on a Quart Mugg (1733), 170
Preface to _Poor Richard_ (1734), 172
Preface to _Poor Richard_ (1735), 174
Hints for Those That Would Be Rich (1736), 176
To Josiah Franklin (April 13, 1738), 177
Preface to _Poor Richard_ (1739), 179
A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge among the British
Plantations in America (1743), 180
Shavers and

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2 (1728/9), 139 The Busy-Body, No.
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[i-84] In addition, M.
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Even as it sought "to overcome the mysteries of all the Works of Nature"[i-102] through experimentation and induction, the Baconian empirical method, so Franklin urged the cultivation of "all philosophical experiments that let light into the nature of things, tend to increase the power of man over matter, and multiply the conveniences or pleasures of life.
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Like Fenelon, Blackmore, and Ray, whom he read and recommended that others read,[i-449] Franklin exclaimed: Thy Wisdom, thy Power, and thy Goodness are everywhere clearly seen; in the air and in the water, in the Heaven and on the Earth; Thou providest for the various winged Fowl, and the innumerable Inhabitants of the Water; thou givest Cold and Heat, Rain and Sunshine, in their Season, [et cetera].
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, below, W.
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_ 1765.
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"Benjamin Franklin from the Medical Viewpoint," _New York Medical Journal_, LXXXIX, 3-12 (Jan.
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Associates in this scheme were presently found, amounting to thirty.
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It argues some Shame in the Drunkards themselves, in that they have invented numberless Words and Phrases to cover their Folly, whose proper Significations are harmless, or have no Signification at all.
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| Aspects, &c.
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| | 24 |[Libra] 9 | [Sextile] [Saturn] [Mercury] | | 25 | 23 | [Sextile] [Sun] [Saturn] _Tongues.
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Besides, the immense stock of wax and tallow left unconsumed during the summer, will probably make candles much cheaper for the ensuing winter, and continue them cheaper as long as the proposed reformation shall be supported.
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You mention your being in your 78^th year; I am in my 79^th; we are grown old together.
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A Shilling spent idly by a Fool, may be picked up by a Wiser Person, who knows better what to do with it.
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But yet it is executed, and well executed, and usually by some of the principal Gentlemen of the County.
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Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution, because I expect no better, and because I am not sure that it is not the best.
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Conrad answered all his Questions; and when the Discourse began to flag, the Indian, to continue it, said, "Conrad, you have lived long among the white People, and know something of their Customs; I have been sometimes at Albany, and have observed, that once in Seven Days they shut up their Shops, and assemble all in the great House; tell me what it is for?.
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a suppliant petition for relief, having been obliged to employ the hand of another in transcribing the request which I have now the honour to prefer to you.